Minutes Review Conventions

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Removing Chatter

The scripts that make the minutes are supposed to remove (actually comment) most of the irrelevant chatter (Zakim commands, etc.), but they are not perfect. Scribes are supposed to remove remaining chatter, but they sometimes don't. Feel free to remove chatter if you are making other changes.

Adding Regrets

If you have sent a meeting regret to the chairs (or added it to the agenda), and your name is not listed in the Regrets section of the minutes. You can add your name silently, i.e. without informing the chairs or the scribe. See [1].

Although reviewing the minutes is really important, the preparation of the minutes is primarily a responsibility of the scribe. Adding your name is not an obligation.

Rather, by accepting minutes that do not carry your name in the regrets section, you officially turn your 'absent with regrets' into a 'absent without notification', which may have influence on your standing. I.e. adding your name is a wise thing to do.

Fixing your Utterances, and Other Self-Fixes

If you find something that was attributed to you and was not correct, go ahead and fix it. Remember that your edits will be marked as being done by us.

Similarly, if your IRC comments are out of order, then go ahead and move them.