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The OWL 2 Full semantics of import directives.

I changed the original definition of import closures, as given in the OWL 1 Full spec, by removing two technical aspects: (a) that an imported RDF graph needs to be the "result of the RDF processing of an RDF/XML document", and (b) that such an RDF/XML document needs to be "accessible" at the URI u, which is the RHS of an owl:imports triple. The refined version of this definition now focuses on what it means for a collection of RDF graphs to be an import closure, instead of talking about how to retrieve the different graphs from their containing documents. A change of this form has briefly been discussed at F2F3.

Here is the new formulation:

Definition: Let K be a collection of RDF graphs. K is imports closed if and only if for every triple in any element of K of the form x owl:imports u . then K contains a graph that is referred to by u. The imports closure of a collection of RDF graphs is the smallest import-closed collection of RDF graphs containing the graphs.

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