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The OWL 1 Full semantics of the deprecation vocabulary.

OWL knows two special URIs, namely owl:DeprecatedClass and owl:DeprecatedProperty, which can be used to mark classes or properties as deprecated.


The OWL 2 Full semantics will be the same as in OWL 1 Full.

The respective Issue 90 has been closed. The RDF mapping will preserve deprecation triples when round tripping through Functional Syntax.

The situation in OWL 1 Full is described in [1].

New Vocabulary

Generally, there will be an annotation property available for deprecating any kind of entity. This property is defined in [2].


 x owl:deprecated "true"^^xsd:boolean


Axiomatic Triples:

 owl:deprecated rdf:type rdf:Property
 owl:deprecated rdfs:domain rdfs:Resource
 owl:deprecated rdfs:range rdfs:Resource

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