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Fifth OWL WG Face-to-Face meeting, 23-24 February 2009

The fifth OWL WG Face-to-Face meeting (F2F5) will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (in the Boston metropolitan area).


The meeting will be in the Stata Center, in room G449 (Patil/Kiva) and/or 346. Kiva is the room we used for F2F3 -- it opens onto the large common space in the middle of the fourth floor. Compared to some rooms in the building, it's easy to find, but that's not saying much.

Co-located events

Registration and Sponsorship


See Local hotels or search Hotels.com for hotels running about US$200/night.

Social Program

Monday dinner at the Kendall Hotel (menu)

Travel to Boston

Local Airport: Boston (BOS) Logan, usually about 30 minutes away by taxi ($30-$40) or public transportation.

If you need a visa to visit the US, you should act quickly as US visa procedures are still under stress, but then, if you need a visa you probably already know this.