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Third OWL WG Face-to-Face meeting, 28-29 July 2008

The third OWL WG Face-to-Face meeting will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (in the Boston metropolitan area).


The meeting will be in the Stata Center, in room G449 (named "Patil" but called "The Kiva"). It opens onto the large common space in the middle of the fourth floor. Compared to some rooms in the building, it's easy to find, but that's not saying much.

Co-located events

Registration and Sponsorship


See Local hotels or search Hotels.com for hotels running about US$200/night.

Social Program

Travel to Boston

Local Airport: Boston (BOS) Logan, usually about 30 minutes away by taxi ($30-$40) or public transportation.

If you need a visa to visit the US, you should act quickly as US visa procedures are still under stress, but then, if you need a visa you probably already know this.