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14:00:00 <> PRESENT: ewallace, ruttenberg, vipul, bijan, michel, Christine
14:00:00 <> SCRIBE: ewallace
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14:01:02 <ewallace> ewallace has changed the topic to: UFDTF telecon 2June2008
14:01:30 <ewallace> Zakim, this will be owlwg
14:01:30 <Zakim> ok, ewallace; I see SW_OWL()10:00AM scheduled to start now
14:01:41 <Zakim> SW_OWL()10:00AM has now started
14:01:49 <Zakim> +jar
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14:04:40 <ewallace> Topic: UFDTF page revisions
14:04:55 <ewallace> ewallace: I updated the UFDTF page to include a list of our workproducts 
14:04:56 <ewallace> ...
14:04:57 <ewallace> ewallace: and created a Req's doc resource page at
14:04:58 <ewallace> ...
14:05:00 <ewallace> ewallace: Alan would you please add a link to the UFDTF page from the main  OWL wg page?
14:07:31 <alanr> sidebar is updated
14:07:45 <ewallace> thanks
14:08:38 <Zakim> -Vipul_Kashyap
14:09:20 <Zakim> +Vipul_Kashyap
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14:14:40 <ewallace> Topic: Discussion of how to organize requirements document
14:15:27 <ewallace> bijan: I think that we should be going from features to the requirements
14:15:40 <ewallace> bijan: its faster and more scoped
14:15:57 <ewallace> bijan: its also more modulor
14:17:10 <bijan> I don't think the requirements document *should* be for newbies to owl
14:17:13 <bijan> we have a primer
14:17:43 <bijan> I also suggest we leave this to the editors
14:18:04 <ewallace> alan: collect a list of features and other aspects of the design to drive writing
14:18:23 <ewallace> bijan: we should go do it
14:20:20 <ewallace> christine: I prefer features to requirements also
14:21:07 <ewallace> christine: I have some difficulty catch-up on OWL profiles
14:21:30 <ewallace> christine: list all features with examples and more description
14:21:40 <ewallace> ... make clear motivations
14:23:24 <ewallace> bijan: if we pile on the features at the start will make it hard to ever get done
14:23:40 <ewallace> vipul: I agree with Bijan
14:23:59 <ewallace> ... the scope is to limit to OWL2
14:24:30 <bijan> (But what he said he agreed with wasn't what I said :))
14:25:11 <bijan> The OWLED education task force is working on profile primers: 
14:25:13 <bijan>
14:25:24 <bijan>
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14:25:47 <michel> hi!
14:25:48 <ewallace> Alan: who is going to do writing on the Reqs doc
14:26:11 <ewallace> Evan, Vipul, Christine, Michel
14:26:49 <bijan> +1 to not another ref
14:27:20 <ewallace> alan: I am hearing a couple of things
14:27:37 <vipul>
14:28:07 <ewallace> ... Are you interested in providing a detailed outline?
14:28:38 <ewallace> vipul: I have a Framework rather than an outline
14:30:12 <ewallace> action: vipul to start filling out matrix
14:30:12 <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-153 - Start filling out matrix [on Vipul Kashyap - due 2008-06-09].
14:33:47 <bijan>
14:35:14 <ewallace> christine: have some button to show and hide domains
14:37:01 <michel> +1
14:37:07 <ewallace> bijan: I would like the requirements to be stated at a higher level
14:38:07 <ewallace> vipul: this is a generalization of Michel's table
14:38:55 <ewallace> vipul: biomedical users will get lost by the details of language feature
14:39:26 <ewallace> vipul: but expressed in his own domain he is more likely to understand
14:42:25 <bijan> re evan: I think the SHROIQ heading is sucky too; so I'm not for the exact categories, but some similarness
14:43:38 <ewallace> bijan: I think that incorporating lots and lots of details is probably too much
14:43:50 <alanr> q+ alanr to talk about not domain specific requirements (e.g. implementor)
14:44:13 <ewallace> ewallace: I agree that we don't want to have complete coverage across all domains
14:44:58 <alanr> ack vipul
14:46:04 <bijan> The meta-requirements:
14:46:06 <bijan> Usage of OWL, particularly the OWL DL species of OWL, has identified several constructs that are of considerable utility and that fit well within the representation philosophy of OWL DL. Advances in the theory of Description Logics have provided a basis for reasoning with constructs that are not part of OWL, or not part of OWL DL.
14:46:27 <bijan> For both these reasons, it was decided at the first OWL: Experiences and Directions workshop to design an extension to the OWL DL species of OWL. The extension is designed to provide simple extensions to OWL DL that
14:46:37 <alanr>
14:47:35 <alanr> interoperability requirements?
14:47:39 <Zakim> alanr, you wanted to talk about not domain specific requirements (e.g. implementor)
14:47:44 <ewallace> alan: is there any input other than implementer and domain specific giving requirements
14:48:00 <ewallace> alan: such as general semantic web
14:48:05 <bijan> Feel free to add
14:49:10 <bijan> It hurts me!
14:49:16 <bijan> OW
14:49:31 <bijan> Plus, the link could be far fetched
14:50:08 <ewallace> alan: Over the week, think of other sources of design inputs
14:51:22 <ewallace> bijan: we should cast our net wider if we want to properly capture the other inputs
14:51:39 <vipul> Proposal: Could Christine and Michel help us step through the OWLED?
14:51:50 <ewallace> bijan: this seems like a really massive task to be complete about it
14:52:38 <michel> too much
14:52:41 <michel> no.
14:52:50 <vipul> +1 to incomplete but useful and true
14:52:56 <ewallace> alan: I think whatever we could pull up with a reasonable effort would be good
14:53:35 <bijan> Uhm...So have I :)
14:56:31 <ewallace> michel: sort of generalized the modeling requirements, like an FAQ
15:00:44 <ewallace> michel: I don't think it's feasible to collect specific egs for every feature for every domain
15:02:04 <ewallace> michel: how does this relate to the Primer which also has examples
15:03:45 <ewallace> michel: perhaps we should do different views
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15:06:34 <Zakim> Attendees were jar, Evan_Wallace, Vipul_Kashyap
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