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This page enumerates all the significant changes made to the OWL publications of 21 April 2009 and the versions we expect to publish in June 2009.

Current as of 18 May 2009.

Technical Changes

Bug Fixes

  • The range of owl:predicate in RDF-Based Semantics was adjusted to remove undesirable inferences.

Significant Presentation Changes

  • Primer has been completed and re-edited.

Other Non-Trivial Editorial Changes

  • A reference to logic programming has been added to Profiles, in response to LC2C 15.
  • Wording has been added to Manchester Syntax concerning precedence in parsing descriptions.
  • References to XML Schema now all point to the most recent versions of the documents, currently in Candidate Recommentation.
  • Many references and citations have been updated.

Still At Risk

  • At Risk #1: support for owl:rational
  • At Risk #4: support for rdf:XMLLiteral