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Web Everywhere

Charles McCathieNevile
Standards, Opera


Where is the Web?

In your hand
Especially Japan and the "3rd World"
In your office
The "traditional" Web isn't going away
In the living room (and home theatre)
DTV, game systems, slides, ...

(i.e. at 1', 2', 10'. And more...)

"Mobile" means...

Why mobile?

A lot of people carry a phone

PDAs are turning into phones and vice versa

More than phones

The phone is A platform

Phones drive some innovations. And use some

Mobile web applications

It needs to work on the Phone.
But not just on the phone

The Web as platform

Develop using the Web Standards you know!

Portability ⇔ Standards

Standards is not about inventing technology
- it is about making it work better

The Keys...

Making your content mobile

Thank You

There are no foolish questions
just people too foolish to question