W3C Video on the Web Workshop

Motorola Position Paper:

Video - Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Garland Phillips
Motorola, Inc.
Schaumburg, IL

Alistair Buttar
Motorola, Inc.


Users are accustomed to enjoying high quality TV pictures from broadcasting and storage media on television sets and personal computers. While current web-based video satisfies quick viewing habits, and IPTV services for fixed terminals, eg. set-top boxes and PVR in the home, are gaining in popularity, the WWW holds the potential to foster a new generation of interactive video services applications on a variety of fixed and mobile devices, anytime, and anywhere users desire, hence offering a whole new video-based experience to excited consumers. Video content will range from blockbuster movies to personally-generated content, where the user can manage, view and interact with video and applications in innovative ways. Open standards are key to ensure interoperable applications and unrestricted service choice, where the W3C will have a key role to play in generating new standards in a collaborative environment with other standards-making bodies.

General expectations for the workshop

Topics of interest

Key Requirements