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Zakim, who's on the call?
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Zakim, who's on the call?
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On the phone I see +1.801.442.aaaa, Vipul_Kashyap, +1.801.733.aabb, +1.973.235.aacc, susie, +1.937.422.aadd, Sean_Martin, +1.631.367.aaee, +1.813.396.aaff, +,
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15:07:57 [Susie]
Stan Hoff interested in detailed clinical models and interoperability. Used ASN1 for years, but have recently changed to XML. Interested in seeing how this might be done in RDF/OWL.
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Zakim, +1.801.442.aaaa is Stan_Huff
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Zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see Stan_Huff, Vipul_Kashyap, +1.801.733.aabb, +1.973.235.aacc, susie, +1.937.422.aadd, Sean_Martin, +1.631.367.aaee, +1.813.396.aaff, +,
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... +1.973.235.aahh, Sean_Martin.a, +1.801.736.aaii, Chimezie_Ogbuji
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Zakim, +1.801.733.aabb is Kamaau
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15:08:59 [Susie]
Aaron Kamauu in eHR. Interested in ontology for eHR and for supporting clinical research.
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Zakim, +1.973.235,aacc is Jerry Petrado
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I don't understand '+1.973.235,aacc is Jerry Petrado', vipul
15:09:35 [Susie]
Jerry Potrado at Roche. Work on phase 1-3 studies, interested in eMR for integrating research and patients.
15:09:50 [Susie]
harlie Barr at Roche. Physician and informaticist
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Zakim, +1.973.235.aacc is Jerry Potrado
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I don't understand '+1.973.235.aacc is Jerry Potrado', vipul
15:09:57 [Susie]
oops, Charlie Barr.
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Zakim, +1.973.235.aacc is Jerry_Potrado
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15:10:50 [Amit]
Amit Sheth of Kno.e.sis Center ( which collaborates with
15:10:53 [Susie]
CB in phase 3 and 4 clinical trials. Interoperability would be very desirable.
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Zakim, +1.937.422.aadd is Amit_Sheth
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Zakim, +1.631.367.aaee is Joey_Coyle
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15:12:36 [Susie]
Joey Coyle has been working with Stan for 10 yrs.
15:12:48 [vipul]
Zakim, +1.813.396.aaff is Rachel_Richesson
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15:13:14 [Susie]
Rachael Richesson at South Florida University. Interested in data standards.
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Zakim, + is Bo.Anderssen
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Zakim, who's on the call?
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On the phone I see Stan_Huff, Vipul_Kashyap, Kamaau, Jerry_Potrado, susie, Amit_Sheth, Sean_Martin, Joey_Coyle, Rachel_Richesson, Bo.Anderssen, +1.973.235.aahh, Sean_Martin.a,
15:13:48 [Susie]
Bo Anderssen works for AZ. Is in discovery medicine and epidemiology.
15:13:51 [Zakim]
... +1.801.736.aaii, Chimezie_Ogbuji
15:14:34 [Susie]
Chime Ogbujui is at Clevelnad Clinic. Large DB of patient info relating to cardiovascular procedures. Interested in using SemWeb to facilitate better research.
15:15:00 [Susie]
Ann Harris at Intermountain healthcare. Works with Stan
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Zakim, +1.801.736.aaii is +1.801.736.aaii is Yan Heras
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I don't understand you, vipul
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Zakim, +1.801.736.aaii is Yan_Heras
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+Yan_Heras; got it
15:15:51 [Susie]
Susie Stephens, Eli Lilly, works on intergrative informatics.
15:15:58 [vipul]
Zakim, Sean_Martin is Steve_Dobson
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+Steve_Dobson; got it
15:16:09 [Susie]
Steve Dobson works at Pfizer on translational medicine.
15:16:50 [Susie]
Vipul Kashyap works at Partners is interested in translational medicine between the bench and bedside.
15:16:54 [Zakim]
+ +44.170.736.aajj
15:17:22 [Susie]
Vijay at Pfizer. Works in development informatics. Interested in pushing Semantic Web paradigm.
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Zakim, ++44.170.736.aajj is Miguel
15:17:39 [Zakim]
sorry, vipul, I do not recognize a party named '++44.170.736.aajj'
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Zakim, +44.170.136.aajj
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I don't understand '+44.170.136.aajj', vipul
15:18:00 [Susie]
Miguel from Roche. Part of quality validation group at Roche. Work on number of internal projects.
15:19:24 [Susie]
Vipul: Stan Hoff presented his detailed clinical models a couple of months back.
15:19:48 [Susie]
Vipul: Lot of interest in adverse drug event surveillance in the market.
15:20:02 [Susie]
Vipul: Interested in getting group together to work on specific use cases.
15:20:24 [Susie]
Vipul: describes:
15:21:00 [Susie]
Vipul: Vision is to get data to flow from EMR and back.
15:21:13 [Susie]
Vipul: We have until the end of December to work on this.
15:21:40 [Susie]
Vipul: Could focus on environmental, biomarkers, vital signs, medications
15:22:19 [Susie]
Rachel: Lots of discussion of flow of data from EMR and back. Need to identify the critical data and to work on that.
15:22:52 [Susie]
Rachel: Screening patients for eligibility might be an interesting example. E.g. diagnosis, co-morbidity.
15:23:16 [Susie]
Vipul: Trying to scope down to observations.
15:23:46 [Susie]
Vipul: If interested in non-observation use case, then maybe you could drive it?
15:23:50 [Susie]
Rachel: OK.
15:24:00 [Susie]
Vipul: Should we broaden the scope.
15:24:17 [Amit]
+q Amit
15:24:32 [Susie]
Charlie: Would support Rachel's idea of needing problem and diagnosis. Need to know the context of the observations.
15:24:45 [Susie]
Charlie: We would want lab values.
15:24:59 [Susie]
Vipul: Labs needs to be added.
15:25:36 [vipul]
15:25:40 [vipul]
ack Amit
15:26:00 [Susie]
Amit: Are you focusing clinical trial and pharmaceuticals, or equally applicable to EMR?
15:26:30 [Susie]
Vipul: Not focused on epidemiology just now. Will cover EMR.
15:27:02 [Susie]
Jerry: Will be focusing on registration of trials?
15:27:18 [Susie]
Vipul: Perhaps Jerry could take a lead on this?
15:27:32 [Susie]
Jerry: Sure. What's the organization?
15:28:05 [Susie]
Vipul: Start allocating out tasks during this call.
15:28:34 [Susie]
?: All phases might be relevant.
15:29:01 [vipul]
ACTION; Rachel to identify Problems/Diagnoses use cases
15:29:10 [Susie]
Rachel - Need to set a story as to what pieces of data apply, and to have a good scenario as to how this would be useful.
15:29:35 [vipul]
ACTION: Jerry to further scope and specify a Clinical Trials Desing
15:29:50 [Susie]
ACTION: Rachel to identify Problems/Diagnoses use cases
15:30:36 [Susie]
Vipul - Could get pharma and health care people to model entities such as blood pressure.
15:30:59 [Susie]
Vipul - We could then try to get one model, if not possible create mappings across models.
15:31:18 [Susie]
Vipul - Use SemWeb for the model and mappings
15:31:24 [Susie]
15:31:44 [Susie]
Vipul - Capture best practices and write up a note.
15:31:51 [Amit]
+q Amit
15:33:55 [vipul]
ack Susie
15:34:23 [Susie]
Susie: Please provide feedback for next HCLS charter, so work can continue beyond December 2007.
15:36:00 [Susie]
HCLS questionnaire for feedback on proposed future activities is at:
15:36:21 [Zakim]
15:36:42 [Susie]
Amit: It could be very hard to map between concepts in different schemas.
15:37:53 [Susie]
Chimezie: GRDDL could help with the mapping. Vocabulary is more of the challenge.
15:38:02 [Zakim]
- +1.973.235.aahh
15:38:13 [Zakim]
+ +1.201.572.aakk
15:38:52 [Susie]
The target vocabulary is very important. Existing ones overlap in siome places, and not in others.
15:39:09 [Susie]
Vipul - What next? Brainstorm examples?
15:39:30 [Susie]
Stan - With this demonstration we get to formal representation of models.
15:39:52 [Susie]
Stan - Next step would be how we would use the models to move data between environments.
15:40:08 [Susie]
Stan - Think we would want to use an existing standard, e.g. CDISC< HL7
15:40:41 [Susie]
Vipul - Start doing things on our own, and then explore HCLS standards
15:41:09 [Susie]
Stan - Vital signs would be good. Chemistry panel might be easier.
15:41:16 [Susie]
15:41:54 [Susie]
ACTION: Stan to send models for vital signs, and chemistry panel.
15:42:38 [Susie]
These would be a good starting point for pharma too?
15:42:42 [vipul]
ack Amit
15:43:01 [Susie]
This looks to be a good starting point.
15:43:30 [vipul]
ack Susie
15:44:24 [Amit]
+q Amit
15:44:55 [Amit]
so will there be a relationships to pharma from what one models with vital signs and chemistry panel?
15:45:09 [Susie]
Vipul - Would make sense to explore whether standards work has already been done in these specific areas.
15:45:46 [vipul]
15:45:55 [Susie]
Miguel - Been working with the eClinical Forum , which is part of PHRMA
15:46:16 [Susie]
Miguel - Been building something for eClinical research.
15:46:36 [Susie]
Miguel - Take HL7 criteria and map it to regulatory requirements, e.g. 21 CFR pt 11, HIPPA
15:47:59 [Susie]
Miguel - Taken CDASH, part of CDISC, taken models for collective assessments, inclusion/exclusion criteria, medical history.
15:48:17 [Susie]
Miguel - Vocab in pharma is different from healthcare
15:49:07 [Susie]
Miguel - CDISC has been working on case report form (CRF), which would be fundamental and standard across most trials.
15:49:35 [Susie]
Miguel - Covers allergy, medication, lab data, social history, physical exam, vital signs, etc.
15:49:50 [Susie]
Miguel - This is already done and about to be released.
15:50:39 [Susie]
Miguels - They have already created case studies that were presented at HIMSS
15:50:53 [Susie]
Miguel - This has been worked on by Cerner and Lilly.
15:51:23 [Susie]
Vipul - Focus on information model, rather than mappings
15:51:56 [Susie]
Miguel - Developing a common terminology between pharma and healthcare
15:52:15 [Susie]
ACTION: Miguel to post relevant URLs
15:53:39 [Susie]
ACTION: Miguel/Vipul to invite Landon Bains (CDISC) to participate in future call
15:54:25 [Susie]
ACTION: Miguel to think of interesting pharma use cases
15:55:18 [Amit]
can we have URL to Stan's group/work?
15:55:25 [Zakim]
15:55:34 [Zakim]
15:56:19 [Susie]
Vipul - Need to understand what CDISC has done for vital signs
15:56:20 [Susie]
Vipul - Need to plan for next steps
15:56:59 [Susie]
Vipul - Next call on August 14.
15:57:24 [Susie]
Vipul - Next time assign more tasks to people
15:57:49 [vipul]
16:00:47 [vipul]
ACTION: Susie to invite W3C person to explain the invited expert process
16:01:22 [Zakim]
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16:01:32 [Zakim]
16:01:33 [Zakim]
16:06:27 [Zakim]
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SW_HCLS(Bio-Ont WG)11:00AM has ended
16:06:33 [Zakim]
Attendees were Vipul_Kashyap, susie, +1.973.235.aahh, Stan_Huff, Chimezie_Ogbuji, Kamaau, Jerry_Potrado, Amit_Sheth, Joey_Coyle, Rachel_Richesson, Bo.Anderssen, Yan_Heras,
16:06:35 [Zakim]
... Steve_Dobson, +44.170.736.aajj, +1.201.572.aakk