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15:58:20 [ht]
zakim, please call ht-781
15:58:20 [Zakim]
ok, ht; the call is being made
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zakim, [IBMCambridge] is me
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+noah; got it
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nick: dorchard
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scribenick: dorchard
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timbl has changed the topic to: TAG weekly meeting - Agenda:
16:06:12 [dorchard]
16:06:39 [ht]
16:06:42 [dorchard]
chair: ht
16:06:49 [dorchard]
regrets: stuart
16:07:25 [dorchard]
action: minutes of 05/14 approved
16:07:52 [dorchard]
topic: May 21st meeting
16:08:12 [dorchard]
regrets for May 21: dorchard
16:08:48 [timbl]
FTR, my regrets will be for 28th
16:08:59 [ht]
16:09:03 [noah]
Note that 28 May is US Memorial day, as well as being 2 days before F2F
16:09:19 [Zakim]
16:10:57 [dorchard]
topic: Public issues list
16:11:11 [noah]
I recall that in Cambridge, we discussed having a Web page that would be sort of "The TAG introduces the Web"
16:11:13 [dorchard]
ht proposes a public place that's more "usable" by the public
16:12:20 [DanC_lap]
our most recent monthly summary is another candidate for "what's going on?"
16:12:26 [noah]
I also find the TAG home page sort of bland and not very helpful.
16:12:50 [dorchard]
dorchard: Issues list has been useful for TAG members
16:13:05 [dorchard]
dorchard: it's useful but not for the general public
16:13:22 [dorchard]
ht: would like to find out who has obligation to review.
16:13:38 [DanC_lap]
(I'd expect to find "obligation to review" as actions.)
16:13:46 [timbl]
What then is the 'action ites' column?
16:14:24 [dorchard]
dorchard: I think this is for actions
16:14:57 [dorchard]
danc_lap: can look by owner for actions
16:15:17 [ht]
OK, so I now see the 'actions' link in today's agenda, which does show e.g. NW's action to review XMLVersioning-41
16:15:27 [ht]
16:16:10 [dorchard]
noah: doing this "current state" is hard to do well.
16:16:18 [timbl]
16:17:50 [dorchard]
f2f agenda bashing...
16:19:02 [timbl]
16:19:11 [ht]
ack timbl
16:20:44 [dorchard]
RESOLUTION: Session on F2F on Naming and Virtual Worlds
16:21:42 [ht]
s/Session on/TAG would like a session at/
16:22:23 [dorchard]
topic: F2F Preparation
16:22:53 [ht]
16:23:45 [Norm]
zakim, who's on the phone?
16:23:45 [Zakim]
On the phone I see TimBL, Ht, noah, DanC, Dave_Orchard, Norm
16:24:17 [dorchard]
topic: Deferencing HTTP URIs
16:25:00 [dorchard]
ht: I'm not sure what the real resolution is wrt frag-ids
16:25:19 [dorchard]
ht: I think that different people in the room thought different things, and we agreed to not discuss
16:25:32 [dorchard]
ht: my goal is to resolve this.
16:26:20 [dorchard]
norm: support revisiting as henry has suggested
16:26:40 [timbl]
Needs a piinter to th edraft
16:28:16 [timbl]
Draft finding on httpRange-14
16:28:16 [timbl]
Date: 2007-03-27 9:26:52 EDT
16:28:16 [timbl]
16:28:28 [dorchard]
danc_lap: will act as guinea pig and review ..
16:28:35 [timbl]
16:29:14 [dorchard]
danc_lap: as long as it appears in public..
16:30:50 [dorchard]
topic: HTML Design Principles and Web Architecture
16:31:01 [dorchard]
ht: what are the goals for this session?
16:31:16 [dorchard]
danc_lap: had to ask group to stop talking about this..
16:31:55 [dorchard]
ht: started from "version identifiers" are good, and HTML said "we dooonn need no steeeenking version identifiers"
16:32:30 [dorchard]
ht: is there a principled reason why VIs don't apply for HTML?
16:32:42 [noah]
q+ to ask what recommends vis?
16:33:25 [timbl]
B: Good stuff. As demoed at a [|Cambridge SW Gathering]
16:33:39 [DanC_lap]
"A data format specification SHOULD provide for version information." --
16:33:40 [timbl]
16:35:07 [dorchard]
noah: not quite how I'd say that..
16:35:43 [dorchard]
ht: should web arch back down, or can we qualify this?
16:35:50 [timbl]
16:36:05 [timbl]
^ TAG actions by owner
16:36:07 [DanC_lap]
(I asked about #pr-version-info in )
16:37:16 [dorchard]
Topic: Versioning
16:38:55 [dorchard]
dorchard: Would you like to get plan for completion of findings.
16:39:08 [dorchard]
dorchard: what's missing, what's extra, what's left to do.
16:40:19 [dorchard]
Topic: Self-Describing Web
16:40:32 [Zakim]
16:40:57 [dorchard]
16:41:08 [noah]
I think the topic: is actually F2F agenda, self-describing Web
16:42:18 [timbl]
16:42:25 [timbl]
s/kinda sortof///
16:43:41 [dorchard]
noah: It's become titled self-describing web, which I'm happy about.
16:44:08 [dorchard]
Raman: what about XML Versioning?
16:45:06 [dorchard]
Raman: would like to have the answer to whether HTML follows Web architecture
16:45:19 [ht]
s/XML Versioning/XML Versioning and TagSoup/
16:46:11 [dorchard]
Raman: interested in having hixsie present for a few hours?
16:46:44 [dorchard]
action: stuart to add an agenda item for May 21 to consider inviting hixsie to html/xml tag soup versioning
16:47:23 [ht]
s/hixsie/outside expert/
16:47:31 [timbl]
q+ to mention possible meetings competing with TAG at Google
16:47:44 [ht]
s/outside expert/outside expert(s)/
16:47:51 [dorchard]
action: HT to talk stuart to add an agenda item for May 21 to consider inviting hixsie to html/xml tag soup versioning
16:48:07 [dorchard]
action: HT to talk stuart to add an agenda item for May 21 to consider inviting outside expert to html/xml tag soup versioning
16:48:10 [ht]
q- noah
16:48:21 [ht]
ack timbl
16:48:21 [Zakim]
timbl, you wanted to mention possible meetings competing with TAG at Google
16:51:05 [timbl]
My flight out AA FLT:194 LV SFO, AR BOS 10:45PM
16:51:05 [timbl]
scheduled 2007-06-01 from 17:10 to 22:45
16:51:05 [timbl]
16:51:43 [timbl]
ie 2:10 pm
16:51:59 [DanC_lap]
I leave SFO 635P
16:52:13 [dorchard]
raman: suggest meeting at 8 and have breakfast at google.
16:52:33 [DanC_lap]
8am breakfast @ google ok by me.
16:54:02 [dorchard]
ht: this works?
16:55:13 [dorchard]
dorchard: this works for me for thur/fri.
16:55:27 [dorchard]
dorchard: wed I arrive around 10 am into SFO.
16:56:53 [dorchard]
resolution: early thursday dinner
16:57:28 [dorchard]
RESOLUTION: early thursday dinner
16:59:42 [dorchard]
ht: for the f2f, would like to have some resolution to the two parts of URNRegistries-50
17:00:11 [dorchard]
raman: back to logistics, interested in having a guest at the dinner
17:01:33 [dorchard]
tag: not much general objection..
17:01:54 [dorchard]
ht: back to the f2f, xml-functions how to go forward
17:02:54 [ht]
s/how to go forward/agreement on scope/
17:03:17 [dorchard]
topic: URNsAndRegistries-50
17:05:24 [dorchard]
ht: Dave, with help from Henry, followed the public documents on XRIs
17:05:35 [dorchard]
ht: should this be in the finding?
17:06:13 [dorchard]
ht: gaps, things like, arbitrars page is under construction
17:06:50 [dorchard]
ht: appears to be quite parallel to DNS
17:07:40 [dorchard]
ht: doesn't appear to be a reason to publish..
17:09:46 [dorchard]
dorchard: some stuff about why some of the material needs to be published..
17:10:18 [dorchard]
ht: doesn't need to have detailed follow-nose and who works for who published
17:11:38 [dorchard]
topic: XMLVersioning-41
17:12:36 [dorchard]
dorchard: Action of Apr 28th discharged
17:12:52 [dorchard]
dorchard: Action to dorchard of Apr 28th is discharged
17:13:03 [dorchard]
action to Norm of Apr 28th is discharged
17:15:47 [dorchard]
dorchard: what are the diffs between top/bottom subst groups
17:15:57 [dorchard]
ht: continuum is that more info in type is top typing
17:16:32 [dorchard]
noah: slightly different, you will see underneat the "name" all sorts of things, and the top will be invariant on the "bottom" typing
17:16:59 [dorchard]
noah: in top typing, the top name will vary ie Name, JapaneseName..
17:17:52 [dorchard]
dorchard: Isn't this just recursive?
17:18:17 [dorchard]
noah: I have animals, concrete is fish, cat, dog, then appendages, which become feet, trunks, tails..
17:18:46 [dorchard]
noah: tend to find Names to be top typing..
17:19:24 [dorchard]
ht: in the top down case, you will expect to see the replacement in all kinds of different places.
17:19:38 [dorchard]
ht: because there are many places where Names occur...
17:19:53 [dorchard]
ht: JapaneseNames could occur in address, headers, ...
17:20:02 [dorchard]
ht: lots of places.
17:20:17 [dorchard]
ht: in bottom up pattern, the place where variation happens is always the same.
17:20:27 [dorchard]
ht: it provides the context for the variation..
17:21:41 [dorchard]
dorchard: should include this in version-xml and make sure the 2 types are distinguished properly
17:25:35 [dorchard]
dorchard: will produce revised Versioning-XML for May 18th
17:28:54 [dorchard]
RESOLUTION: will produce revised Versioning-XML for May 18th
17:31:40 [dorchard]
RESOLUTION: will produce revised Versioning for May 18th
17:31:48 [Zakim]
17:31:55 [Zakim]
17:32:01 [Zakim]
17:32:06 [dorchard]
ACTION: dorchard to produce revised Versioning-part1 and Versioning-XML for May 18th
17:32:24 [Zakim]
17:32:36 [dorchard]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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I have made the request to generate dorchard
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17:36:54 [Zakim]
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17:37:01 [Zakim]
TAG_Weekly()12:00PM has ended
17:37:02 [Zakim]
Attendees were TimBL, Ht, noah, Norm, DanC, Dave_Orchard, Raman
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rrsagent, make logs public
17:47:21 [ht]
There, dave, now you can edit
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