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How the W3C Process Got Its Stripes*

Dan Connolly, W3C/MIT
Electronic Techtonics: Thinking at the Interface
The 1st International HASTAC Conference

Durham, NC, USA
April 19-21, 2007

*ack: Jungle Book;
Systems Programming with Modula-3, Greg Nelson, ed.

W3C: you know, HTML and all that

The Evolutionary Cycle

cycle diagram

Community Scale

Getting into the Web

What was the tipping point— the killer appfor you?

Two Early Perspectives on the Web

Architect for participation -- Tim O'Reilly @ W3C's 10 anniversary Dec 2004

See Weaving the Web, Berners-Lee, 1999

1991 ACM Hypertext Conference, San Antonio, Texas

For more on these minimally constraining design guidelines that allowed the Web to spread the way it did: Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One
W3C Recommendation 15 December 2004

Food for thought: blogging tools support aspects of the scholarly record: blockquote, cite, and permalinks.

1994: HTML Validation Service

1994: Industry picks up the Web

Kotok in 2006

In April 1994, Kotok, Steve Fink, Gail Grant and Brian Reid from DEC travelled to CERN in Geneva to speak with Berners-Lee about the need for a consortium to create open standards and to coordinate Web development.

Wikipedia on Kotok

1995: What they don't teach Computer Science students

The late Michael L Dertouzos

Trust is built when you're close enough to punch someone and you don't.

Michael Dertouzos

1995: breaking out of the IETF

The Web is for Everyone

W3C Royalty-Free Patent Policy

The W3C patent policy is, arguably, more important to the modern information society than XML or CSS or any of the technologies developed at W3C.

Getting involved in W3C

Economics and information theory

Crime at a distance. Tragedy of the commons?

Semantic Web Architecture

Are there parts of traditional logic and databases that, if we set them aside, will result in viral growth of the Semantic Web?

 WebSemantic Web
Traditional Designhypertextlogic/database
-link consistencyglobal consistency?
=viral growth

WikiConsensus and timezones

Loyalty and Remote Presence