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09:56:20 [mnot]
i8 - bad text in issue; already fixed in latest spec; closed
09:56:52 [mnot]
i13 - pivotal issue is whether BNF is self-contained; i.e., should we reference external specs, or copy BNF?
09:57:42 [mnot]
i19 - proposal is to change text as per mnot suggestion jan 15 + roy's modifications for intermediaries + warning in 4.3 that extending existing methods may be problematic
10:25:00 [mnot]
i20 - "Data in character sets other..." -- just for text/* types
10:29:57 [mnot]
i20 - subtype default overrides 8859-1
10:42:24 [mnot]
i21 - Combine to make second sentence dependent upon the first: "If the Request-URI does not point to an existing resource, and that URI is capable of being defined as a new resource by the requesting user agent, the origin server can create the resource with that URI. If a new resource is created, the origin server MUST inform the user agent via the 201 (Created) response. "
10:49:59 [mnot]
i23 - client can't invalidate; status quo. Need better documentation?
10:53:14 [Yves] as input for i23
10:53:33 [mnot]
i24 - add sentence: This list MAY not be complete.
10:57:32 [mnot]
i24 - Fix in definition of Allow rather than 405. Also, there's a re-stated requirement in Allow header.
11:10:01 [mnot]
i25 - Accept proposal 1
11:11:13 [mnot]
i26 - dependent on RFC3986 status, refer vs. copy issue for references
11:13:30 [mnot]
i27 - loosen definition of Idempotency as per Roy
11:25:14 [mnot]
ACTION: Yves to make a proposal for i28
11:25:15 [Yves]
2: If a Transfer-Encoding header field (Section 14.41) is present, then the transfer-length is defined by use of the "chunked" transfer-coding (Section 3.6), unless the message is terminated by closing the connection.
11:25:18 [Yves]
11:25:45 [Yves]
2: If a Transfer-Encoding header field (Section 14.41) is present, and the "chunked" transfer-coding is used, then the transfer-length is defined by use of the "chunked" transfer-coding (Section 3.6)
11:25:49 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to implement i8 resolutino
11:26:36 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to drive discussion of whether we do references by value (copy or reference) on the list for i13 (and others)
11:27:06 [mnot]
ACTION: mnot to make rollup proposal for i19
11:27:54 [mnot]
ACTION: mnot to make proposal for i20 - make proposal for i20
11:28:53 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to make proposal for i21
11:29:37 [mnot]
ACTION: Henrik to drive discussion of how to better document the caching model for i23 (and others)
11:30:18 [mnot]
ACTION: mnot to make proposal for re-write of Allow header for i24
11:30:38 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to implement i25 resolution (proposal 1)
11:31:14 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to summarise Roy's proposal for i27 to list
11:51:42 [mnot]
ACTION: Henrik to look at implementation concerns of i29 and report back
12:07:49 [mnot]
i30 - #1. No, fix grammar. #2. No, no change. #3. No, security considerations? #4. Security considerations?
12:09:11 [mnot]
ACTION: Henrik to summarise position on i30
12:11:56 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to implement i31 Proposal 1
12:14:47 [mnot]
i33: Not really a issue specific to the protocol
12:15:29 [mnot]
ACTION: Yves to tell the list why i33 should be closed with no action
12:15:34 [Yves]
-> client side (browser) security model
12:16:36 [mnot]
i34: many interdependencies, lots of text talking about URIs
12:17:32 [mnot]
split issue into: a) BNF update (dependant on whether we inline or reference)
12:17:48 [mnot]
b) definition of the HTTP URI scheme
12:18:03 [mnot]
c) review other discussions of URIs in the spec
12:18:42 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to drive discussion of i34-derived issues
12:22:09 [mnot]
ACTION: Henrik to propose clarifying language for i37
12:22:28 [mnot]
ACTION: Henrik to find and forward Roy's discussion of i38
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15:32:37 [mnot]
i36 - Put collected BNF in appendix.
15:32:48 [mnot]
... fix current BNF so it parses.
15:33:00 [mnot]
... Use Bill Fenner's tools to transform.
15:33:14 [mnot]
... Look at reproducing # construct.
15:33:32 [mnot]
... THEN, evaluate LWS, other issues.
15:40:06 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to start doing BNF conversion for i36.
15:44:56 [mnot]
i39 - could just introduce a few sentences around variant and entity definitions, could add a whole new section (along the lines of JM's Clarifying the Fundamentals of HTTP).
15:49:06 [mnot]
i39 - look also at RFC3230
15:50:24 [mnot]
ACTION - mnot to make proposals around i39.
15:50:41 [mnot]
ACTION: mnot to make proposals around i39.
15:52:15 [mnot]
i40: registration templates in header definitions
15:53:24 [mnot]
... also record: header type, end/end or hop/hop, list or single, delmiter for list?,
15:53:34 [mnot]
... question as whether they should be inlined
15:54:44 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to start working on i40
16:01:23 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to incorporate proposal 1 from i46.
16:05:12 [Yves]
16:06:42 [mnot]
i51: separate productions for produce vs. consume ("obsolete date formats"), add BNF comments, and add explantory note to BNF section.
16:07:43 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to incorporate i51 resolution.
16:10:36 [mnot]
ACTION: Julian to produce alpha sorted terminology list to see what it looks like
16:13:36 [mnot]
ACTION: mnot to float making 13.5.2 requirement apply to transparent proxies only, and adding Allow.
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16:29:35 [mnot]
NEW ISSUE: examine the relationship between the history stack and caching directives.
16:30:29 [mnot]
NEW ISSUE: look at more explanation of the caching model (perhaps in a separate document)
16:31:07 [mnot]
NEW ISSUE: header i18n
16:31:25 [mnot]
wrt header i18n, see 2231
16:31:59 [mnot]
... and IRI->URI, and 2047
16:33:05 [mnot]
NEW ISSUE: Pipelining - what to do with so many broken implementations
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