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zakim, this will be ws_addrwg
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Meeting Web Services Addressing WG Teleconference
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Chair: Bob Freund
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Regrets: Tony, Anish
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Meeting: WS-Addressing
21:07:01 [bob]
Topic: Last Call issue
21:07:10 [bob]
scribe: bob
21:07:16 [plh]
Present: Gilbert_Pilz, Bob_Freund, David_Illsley, Plh, Chris_Ferris, Dave_Hull, katy, MrGoodner, Tom Rutt
21:07:33 [plh]
-> Consolodated list of Alternatives A thru D to resolved WS ADDR LC comment
21:08:30 [bob]
TomR: Major point is to make all of the assertions requirements
21:08:48 [bob]
... The first two are probably non-starters
21:09:17 [bob]
... I do not want to spend time on alternative a since it has problems
21:10:04 [bob]
... Alternative b is just like a and has similiar problems.
21:11:15 [bob]
... Alternative c can be made to work, but I think that its use-case is fairly small.
21:12:33 [bob]
... Alternative d is my preference.
21:12:45 [Katy]
21:13:38 [Zakim]
21:14:06 [bob]
... These proposals pertain to the response message and can handle mixed alternatives since it pertains to a single exchange
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21:15:12 [bob]
Katy: I think that we have been over this ground before, I think that we established a need.
21:16:12 [bob]
TomR: I think that you need to come up with a use case when a server needs to specify a delayed response.
21:16:30 [bob]
Katy: The case is a server behind a firewall
21:16:52 [bob]
TomR: How would it get the request in the first case?
21:17:28 [MrGoodner]
21:17:30 [gpilz]
21:17:55 [bob]
TomR: Is that use case strong enough to support this alternative?
21:18:34 [bob]
MarcG: We have not talked about informational items expressed as parameters.
21:18:39 [MrGoodner]
21:18:56 [bob]
zakim, who is making noise?
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bob, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Gilbert_Pilz (34%), Bob_Freund (28%), Chris_Ferris (31%)
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ack katy
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ack gpilz
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21:19:42 [bob]
TomR: I guess parameters can be alternative e
21:20:29 [David_Illsley]
21:20:40 [bob]
Gil: Features should be weighed against their usefulness and necessity
21:20:45 [bob]
ack david
21:21:10 [Zakim]
21:21:17 [bob]
David: In terms of use cases, Anish mentioned one where a service might take a long time to develop a response.
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ack tru
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ack gpi
21:22:49 [Zakim]
21:23:20 [bob]
Gil: Parameters are low cost, but the default intersection algorithm will not deal with them.
21:23:37 [bob]
TomR: Parameters will be passed to you.
21:23:49 [Zakim]
21:24:21 [bob]
ack cfer
21:24:36 [David_Illsley]
21:24:46 [MrGoodner]
21:24:56 [bob]
Cfer: Although I am in favor of E, one must be aware of the cost.
21:25:04 [David_Illsley]
21:25:36 [bob]
... The cost is the need to understand the interpretation of the parameters.
21:26:14 [bob]
... on the other hand, dealing with all of the combinatorial mechanics, one might end up with a rediculously comples think
21:26:25 [bob]
ack mrg
21:26:54 [cferris]
21:27:02 [gpilz]
21:27:04 [cferris]
21:27:21 [bob]
MarcG: I do not think that we need to define the logic, it might be good enough to convey the information
21:27:41 [bob]
ack gpilz
21:28:40 [TRutt_]
21:28:44 [Katy]
21:28:55 [bob]
Gil: I support alternative e and to break down the parameters to fine granularity
21:29:03 [bob]
ack tru
21:30:46 [bob]
TomR: Do we need the complexity, isn't it enough to express what the server supports, after all, the client picks.
21:31:04 [bob]
ack katy
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21:31:23 [bob]
ack dhu
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21:32:50 [David_Illsley]
21:33:10 [bob]
ack tru
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ack david
21:34:02 [bob]
Bob: Are there any objections to alternative e?
21:35:57 [gpilz]
q+ - to ask a question
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q- -
21:36:18 [gpilz]
q+ gil to ask a question
21:37:11 [bob]
Gil: if it just says "addressing" and there are no parameters, what does it mean?
21:37:19 [bob]
ack gil
21:37:19 [Zakim]
gil, you wanted to ask a question
21:39:12 [bob]
action: TomR to craft some new language utilizing policy parameters by tomorrow
21:39:25 [bob]
Topic: WS-Naming
21:40:50 [bob]
plh: WS-Naming claims to profile ws-addressing, but violates ws-addressing
21:44:03 [bob]
action: distribute "key points" in ws-naming
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21:45:06 [bob]
Next meeting to be March 19
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Attendees were Gilbert_Pilz, Bob_Freund, David_Illsley, Plh, Chris_Ferris, Dave_Hull, katy, MrGoodner, Tom_Rutt, paco, Paul_Knight, [IPcaller]
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