Start presentation (F11)

The Web Everywhere


the Best Internet Experience
on Any Device for Everyone

Charles McCathieNevile - standard manager guy,

Gorm Eriksen - still does real work

There is one Web

But many ways to use it

Opera Users in 2006

(in very rough numbers)

Web on a $50 phone, a $100 laptop, and a $250 Wii ...

There are other browsers...

Not all "other" devices are telephones
... and diversity is increasing

The browser is the platform

New services (and UIs) based on existing Web technology

The web as platform
Yahoo! mail, Google Earth,
The social web
My.Opera, Flickr, MySpace, MusicBrainz, YouTube
The open web, mash-ups, AllYourDataBaseAreBelongToUs ...

Innovation based on things that people understand and have


Nintendo DS, OLPC, IPTV, printers, ...
Patents(Who wants video anyway?)
Allowing regular people (e.g. blind folks) to produce applications
A big investment in legacy content and knowledge
Legacy tools and devices disappear slowly
Filling out tax forms with a Wii remote?
Who is controlling your data, or following your browsing?


Usage is still exploding

New Web standards?

Stuff we need, work already beng done

How many more do we want?

Thank you

there are no foolish questions,
only fools who do not question,