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Web Open Standards and eGoverment

European W3C Symposium on eGovernment

Gijon, Asturias, Spain, 1-2 Feb 2007.


W3C Associate Chair, Europe

These slides:

W3C Exec Summary

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an International Consortium where Member and External organizations, a full-time technical staff, and the public work together to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing Web standards such as protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web.

What Open Standards means ?

A lot of debates nowadays for a common definition of Open Standards(IGF, EC, etc)

W3C Standards Track

rec track

W3C Results

W3C technologies

W3C Patent Policy

Director's Decision May 2003: The availability of an interoperable, unencumbered Web infrastructure provides an expanding foundation for innovative applications, profitable commerce, and the free flow of information and ideas on a commercial and non-commercial basis.


Requirements for the PP License

Requirements for a license, (not license text itself):

  1. available to all
  2. all Essential Claims 'owned or controlled'
  3. field of use limitation
  4. reciprocity
  5. no fees
  6. defensive suspension
  7. no other conditions

Open Web Standards and eGovernment