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BlueGriffon is a free wysiwyg editor, released by Disruptive Innovations (Daniel Glazman's company). Powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox, it's a modern and robust solution to edit Web pages in conformance to the latest Web Standards.

2016-11-26: Unique W3C Team license available.

Further to the W3C staff first request, version 1.4 "Hout Bay" of 17-jan-2012 features a hidden preference bluegriffon.defaults.forceLF to force saving documents into Unix mode (carriage returns are one LF). A possible feature for 1.5 to allow to save according to the OS (CRLF, Windows; CR, Mac; LF, Linux). To add, open Tools/Preferences/Advanced/Configuration Editor, and add a new boolean value bluegriffon.defaults.forceLF, with the value true.
Ralph notices that in version 1.7 this entry exists in the configuration and all that is necessary is to click on it to change the value from the default False to the new value True.
Coralie noticed that in version 2, open the Preferences pane and look for the “Source” tab. Under “Serialization”, please check the box “Force Unix-style carriage returns (LF)” and then dismiss the Preferences pane.

Further to another W3C staff request, Daniel Glazman wrote an add-on, PUTter (access restricted to W3C Team), allowing to publish a document and the local resources attached to that document through HTTP PUT. Disruptive Innovations grants the World Wide Web Consortium a perpetual site license for this add-on, free of charge, for W3C Staff only. Redistribution outside of W3C is not permitted.

The W3C systeam discussed BlueGriffon support (30-Jan 2012 SysWeb minutes, access restricted to W3C Team), and support will be limited to helping debug things on the server side.


* Always edit and save document with an explicit file extension (.html)
* "Refresh" doesn't exist as such. But, right-click on tab and "revert" does a refresh.
* Sometimes BlueGriffon fails to be able to create a new URI; one workaround is to create the (empty) URI with another tool, then PUT its contents from BlueGriffon
* Donut worry if 1) you edit locally and save with CVS and 2) use an $Id line in your file, because BlueGriffon will warn you that "A file was changed on disk. BlueGriffon must reload it." The change is the $Id line.