Structure of the Document

This document is structured into the following sections. The document begins with this overview followed by a section describing conformance to this recommendation. Section 3 contains the main portion of the recommendation with each individual recommendation being presented in a separate sub-section titled by the recommendation. The remainder of the document consists of a glossary, acknowledgements, and appendicies containing background information.

Each of the recommendations contains a set of sections which are used to describe the recommendation. Each recommendation contains as set of goals followed by an overview of the recommendation. Each recommendation lists the applicability of the recommendation including its interface modalities. The requirement is noted as either a formal requirement or good practice, with techniques for implementing the requirement or good practice provided. A separate sub-section notes the security information which the requirement or good practice depends upon. Examples are provided for each requirement, followed by an listing of the use-cases from the working group note to which this requirement applies. Each requirement lists the possible attacks, resistance to attacks, and limitations. Usability effects are noted for each requirement. The description of each requirement finishes with a list of background information and references.