Recommendations – Categories

The out of scope recommendations have been dropped and the remaining ones organized into general categories.

Semantic Approaches

* Building on current relationship establishment procedures

What doesn't work

“I guess I'm not fully sure what 'encrypted' means.” - user


* Tailoring the training to the specific user's needs, adapting to strengths and weaknesses

General Principles

* The interface should make it possible to access all information about the connection

(we’re at a critical juncture here, and need to be wary of creating another failed metaphor like the padlock)

New Indicators

Personalized visual indicators such as:

Process Recommendations

(and offline) risks Write an extension

(I know this sounds like a cop-out, but it’s a really well proven model for innovation in our market)

Technical Recommendations

– Design that makes all the metadata consistently usable – Attacks on both technical and social aspects of metadata – Gaps from anything not absolute

Secure Letterhead

Browser Support

LOGOTYPE Certificate Issuers

The SSR Record’s Capabilities Enables sites to raise security level of users’ configurations (exactly what Chuck Wade requested)

– Cipher, keylength, etc. – E.g. HTTPS using SSLv3 and AES-256

– E.g. no HTTP, no SHA1

– E.g. +

– E.g. acceptable subdomains are,

Leverage new features