FSTC BMA Roadmap and Survey of Authentication and Related Issues

The attached presentation was developed as a survey of the many observations and conclusions that came out of FSTC's Better Mutual Authentication (BMA) Project. It covers a lot of territory, and was really intended to serve as a "toolkit" that BMA project participants could use to build their own presentations to help educate colleagues and share some of the insights and lessons learned from the BMA Project.

W3C WSC participants may find some of the overviews of authentication techniques useful, especially some of the material that places these techniques in context and shows how complementary techniques can be combined to improve confidence in authentication systems.

Download zip archive of pdf file: BMA_Roadmap

Further information can also be found in the "BMA Architecture" and "Recommendations and Requirements for Better Mutual Authentication" documents available from FSTC's BMA Project Web page: http://fstc.org/projects/completed/bma-ph-1/index.php

Feel free to direct questions or comments to Chuck Wade.