Mary Ellen Zurko leads security architecture and strategy for Lotus Workplace, Portal, and Collaboration Software at IBM. She defined the field of User-Centered Security in 1996. She is on the steering committee for New Security Paradigms Workshop and the International World Wide Web Conference series (she is co-chair for WWW2007 in Banff). She has worked in security since 1986, at The Open Group Research Institute and Digital Equipment Corporation, as well as IBM. She is a contributor to the O'Reilly book "Security and Usability: Designing Secure Systems that People Can Use." Her vita is at She is the chair of the W3C Web Security Context Working Group.

Maritza Johnson is a Ph.D. student at Columbia. Her research interests are in human-computer interaction and human factors and how they relate to and affect the usability of security. Her current projects include creating a recommended procedure for evaluating the usability of technologies which authenticate a financial institution to the customer on the web (in collaboration with the FSTC), in addition to participation in this working group. She is a newcomer to the field, but is currently involved in projects which heavily rely on effective user studies and their results.