Conformance with this Specification

The conformance requirements of this document are found in its Requirements and Good Practices. The Requirements are written in the imperative voice and denote mandatory conformance requirements. They are equivalent to the familiar MUST statements in the RFC2119 [RFC 2119] style. In addition to Requirements, this document contains Good Practices. Good Practices use the same imperative voice, but are optional. They are equivalent to SHOULD or RECOMMENDED statements in the RFC2119 style.

Requirements and Good Practices are scoped by Applicability clauses: These clauses characterize the products that can claim conformance to a given Requirement or Good Practice. Relevant product classes include Web Sites and Web User Agents. The Applicability clauses identify further constraints, e.g. on the interaction modalities exposed by a Web User Agent.

For a product to claim conformance with this specification, all Requirements whose Applicability clauses are fulfilled must be implemented.

One way to satisfy the Requirements and Good Practices is to implement one or more of the suggested techniques given for each Requirement and Good Practice. Note that this is not the only way to satisfy the Requirement or Good Practice.