Tracking Comments

This is the process we'll use to track and respond to comments on wsc-xit. We'll also use it during LC of wsc-usecases.

See the minutes of the meeting we discussed this in for more explanation

  1. Somebody makes comments on one of our documents (wsc-xit or wsc-usecases) in our public comment list

  2. The chair assigns applying this process to a WG participant (probably anyone who would be in good standing according to meeting attendance, probably using action items so it won't fall through the cracks should someone get hit by a bus).
  3. The assignee breaks up the comment mail message into logical "issues", putting each into a new comment against either wsc-xit or wsc-usecases (see /2006/02/lc-comments-tracker/39814/ for comments link to most recent version of each).

  4. The assignee creates an ISSUE in tracker for each comment in lc-comments-tracker /2006/WSC/track/issues/open (the optimal processing is probably to interleave this and the previous step for each logical issue generated). Make sure to put a pointer in the tracker ISSUE to the lc-comments-tracker comment.

  5. The assignee replies to the comment mail message, with a list of links to their tracker ISSUEs, so they can watch the resolution unfold.
  6. The assignee takes an action to indicate their job is done (if we use action items, sets theirs to "pending review").

The chair will record when ISSUEs in tracker are resolved, as she does now. She'll probably also have to be the one to record the resolution of lc-comments-tracker comments, though if she can think of a clean way to keep it with the assignee, she'll try to do that.