W3C Workshop on Internationalizing the Speech Synthesis Markup Language III — Presentation Guideline

Presentation contents

Please do not use large amounts of text on your slides, instead, use your slides to present examples.

Please use your time to focus on explaining the problems you have encountered with SSML 1.0, using examples wherever possible, and avoid giving background information on SSML or speech synthesis in general.

There will be an overview of Indian languages before your presentation, so you should concentrate specifically on the language issues that need to be addressed and give detailed examples.

Attendees have read the presentations and position papers before arriving at the conference because all the presentations are collected and published by 8 January on the Workshop site,

Format of the presentations

Allowed formats are (valid) HTML/XHTML, PDF, or plain text.


  1. All the presentations will be published on the public W3C Workshop site.
  2. Presentation in other formats will be converted to HTML/XHTML or PDF by the workshop organizer before publication at the Workshop site.
  3. When creating your presentation, please make all the fonts embedded so that the organizer can surely convert it to valid HTML/XHTML or PDF.

Font size

Please use large enough fonts so that all the attendees can identify all the contents. The workshop organizer would ask you to enlarge your presentation if the fonts are not large enough.

Note. 36 pt. fonts for the title and 24 pt. for the text would be recommended because the resolution of the video projector at the venue is 800x600.

Speaking style

Because this is an international workshop and the attendees are not necessarily native English speakers, please talk loud and clear.


15 minutes are assigned for your oral presentation. There will be a separate time slot for discussion.

PC for presentation

Please sign in at the reception desk, get your name tag and let the organizer know whether you prefer to use organizers PC or not.

Using the organizer's PC:

Using your own PC:

Workshop venue

Meeting room:

The International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT),
Gachibowli, Hyderabad, 500 032, India
#119 (Conf. hall), Main Building

Note. Please see also the logistics page for the details on the meeting room.


The workshop organizer will provide following facilities for your presentations at the venue.

The Agenda, the Logistics and the Call for Participation are available.

Dan Burnett and Kazuyuki Ashimura, Workshop Co-chairs
Max Froumentin, Voice Activity Lead

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