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zakim, this will be tag
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ok, ht; I see TAG_Weekly()12:30PM scheduled to start in 7 minutes
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17:58:25 [ht]
VQ: Two concrete questions:
17:58:37 [ht]
1) Should we open an issue on tag soup vs. XML?
17:58:52 [ht]
2) Should we use our slot at the AC on this topic?
17:59:29 [ht]
TBL: We could try to get it scheduled at a time which would allow more worldwide participation by 'phone
17:59:40 [ht]
TBL: 6am or 10pm, if you had to choose?
17:59:44 [ht]
DC, NM: 10pm
17:59:49 [ht]
NW: 6am
17:59:51 [EdR]
17:59:55 [Zakim]
'restarting to finish fixing filesystem'
18:00:25 [Noah]
NM: Not much preference, especially insofar as I'll be in "listen-only" mode either way.
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18:19:37 [DanC]
(hmm... at some point I asked somebody to write up introducing lanuguage N+1 given languages 1...N are out there. Norm, does that rign a bell? I wonder which action, if any, that was related to.)
18:19:49 [ht]
NM: The motivation for microformats comes from the relative weight of the thing you're trying to do (add a phone number) and the cost of doing it (a namespace declaration and use which is twice the size of the phone number)
18:20:38 [ht]
... but to me that's a one end of a scale wrt which whole languages are at the other end
18:21:12 [ht]
DC: The key contrast is between doing things guerilla-style, or using a URI you get via a community-approved process
18:22:02 [ht]
TBL: And that leads on to the contrast between grounded-in-public-definitions and meaning-as-use
18:23:01 [ht]
NM: There is a difference between avoiding collision and using a public process
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restarting to recover bridge connection
18:23:51 [ht]
[scribe missed discussion of microformat name scoping[
18:24:48 [ht]
VQ: Issue 51 has not been much discussed between January and the Vancouver f2f
18:25:05 [ht]
VQ: We can wait another week to decide about the AC meeting topic
18:26:15 [ht]
VQ: Wrt tag soup vs. XML -- let's return to that next week as well, in terms of how we take it forward (new issue vs. ...)
18:26:47 [ht]
TBL: I believe there's a strong desire that we give a report on what we've done
18:26:58 [ht]
DC: I object, that's a waste of time
18:27:05 [ht]
18:28:08 [ht]
Topic: Backplane meeting
18:29:02 [ht]
VQ: The HCG asked if someone from the TAG will come to Ams -- what about you, HST?
18:29:12 [ht]
HST: I will go if asked by the TAG
18:29:32 [ht]
VQ: Is it appropriate for us to name someone
18:29:44 [ht]
DC: Yes
18:29:47 [timbl]
18:29:53 [ht]
[others]: yes
18:30:37 [ht]
VQ: Anyone other than HST?
18:30:56 [ht]
DC: Position statement required to get a slice of the programme
18:30:59 [timbl]
"An XML data model can be seen as a mobile agent that carries with it selected business rules (e.g. bind statements in XForms) for interacting both with humans on the front-end and with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) on the back-end"
18:31:25 [ht]
HST: If I plan to do that, I will send a draft to this group before doing so
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RRSAgent, please draft minutes
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RRSAgent, make logs world-visible
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