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13:11:36 [Steven]
Meeting: Weekly RDF in HTML Task Force
13:11:44 [Steven]
CHair: Ben
13:11:44 [EliasT]
Chair: benadida
13:12:09 [Steven]
13:12:32 [benadida]
Steven: F2F with HTML WG last week, briefly cover RDFa
13:12:39 [benadida]
... nothing significant to report on this front.
13:12:51 [benadida]
... HTML WG is behind the TF
13:13:42 [benadida]
Ben: in last call?
13:13:46 [benadida]
Steven: soon
13:14:17 [benadida]
Ben: namespace URI for XHTML2?
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13:14:39 [benadida]
Steven: continue to use the XHTML1 namespace? problem with # or / at the end
13:15:08 [benadida]
Ben: how does that work with new elements?
13:15:19 [benadida]
Steven: nothing wrong with adding new elements to namespace
13:15:43 [benadida]
MarkB: 83261 (a new temp one)
13:16:06 [benadida]
Elias: no change in semantics in any of the existing elements?
13:16:21 [benadida]
Steven: namespaces don't define content model, only disambiguate which elements you're talking about
13:16:53 [benadida]
Elias: won't the browser makers complain about how to differentiate between XHTML1 and XHTML2?
13:17:10 [benadida]
Steven: not what the namespace is for. There is discussion around here.
13:17:32 [Zakim]
13:17:36 [MarkB_]
zakim, i am ?
13:17:36 [Zakim]
+MarkB_; got it
13:17:39 [benadida]
... namespace spec does not spec that namespaces should be used to decide how to process
13:18:05 [benadida]
Elias: are implementors on the WG?
13:18:24 [benadida]
Steven: yes some, there may be a version attribute to differentiate the versions
13:18:36 [benadida]
Ben: is there a change in the MIME type?
13:19:02 [benadida]
Steven: the base MIME type stays the same
13:19:15 [benadida]
... profile can help differentiate between diff versions of XHTML
13:19:19 [benadida]
Elias: is profile in XHTML2?
13:19:36 [Steven]
it's in the media type
13:20:26 [benadida]
Steven: the profile is in the media type, not in the document
13:21:20 [benadida]
... have to use the longer media type for XHTML2
13:21:30 [benadida]
MarkB: won't run out of space here
13:21:48 [benadida]
Elias: yes, but it doesn't seem like the most practical thing to do
13:22:04 [benadida]
MarkB: this discussion has been quite long
13:22:32 [benadida]
Elias: I would imagine others are having the same objections, this direction seems awkward
13:22:47 [benadida]
Steven: already used on mobile
13:23:07 [benadida]
Elias: not much code out there for this, e.g. python script that outputs the headers myself
13:23:44 [benadida]
... no library with the proper header output
13:24:08 [benadida]
MarkB: maybe this should be abstracted out,
13:24:31 [benadida]
Elias: from my perspective of coding this up, this seems more complicated
13:24:41 [benadida]
... very little code to do mime type parameters
13:24:53 [benadida]
... in the end, end-users don't need this, of course, but worried about adoption by developers
13:25:26 [benadida]
Ben: sample XHTML2 document + headers and all?
13:25:30 [benadida]
Steven: not yet, but we should have one
13:25:35 [MarkB_]
Ben: Elias isn't saying it's more complicated, just that it's more to type.
13:26:10 [benadida]
ACTION: Steven to put together sample XHTML2 doc with all mime type, etc..
13:26:50 [benadida]
Steven: discussion about CURIEs and bnodes came up
13:27:06 [Steven]
13:27:09 [Steven]
member only
13:31:30 [benadida]
ACTION: All TF members take a look and comment on showstopper issues only
13:31:39 [benadida]
13:32:13 [benadida]
13:33:23 [benadida]
13:34:10 [benadida]
ACTION: Ben answer Dan's follow-your-nose comment
13:34:21 [benadida]
13:45:50 [benadida]
ACTION: find Elias's question and link to relevant discussion in the past
13:45:58 [benadida]
s/find/Ben to find/
13:58:28 [Steven]
That means Monday for me
13:58:33 [Steven]
Weds and Fri already taken
13:59:19 [benadida]
Possibilities: Friday 9am, Monday 9,10,11,
13:59:42 [benadida]
no on Monday 11
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14:01:22 [benadida]
next meeting: Monday, Sep. 25th, 9am
14:01:26 [benadida]
1300 UTC
14:01:26 [RalphS]
hey, sorry, folks; I never put this in my calendar for today :(
14:01:56 [benadida]
going over actions:
14:01:56 [benadida]
14:02:02 [Steven]
ralph, call moved to next monday
14:02:06 [benadida]
ACTION: Mark add words about anonymous nodes to CURIE editors' draft
14:02:09 [Steven]
OK with you? 13UTC
14:02:14 [benadida]
14:02:17 [RalphS]
Monday 1300Z will be a squeeze for me but I think I can do it
14:02:35 [benadida]
ACTION: Ben make sure RDFA bookmarklet runs locally
14:02:40 [benadida]
14:02:48 [RalphS]
I won't be able to do Mondays 1300Z on a regular basis though
14:02:48 [benadida]
ACTION: Ben start separate mail threads on remaining discussion topics
14:02:51 [benadida]
14:02:59 [benadida]
ACTION: Ben update the issues list
14:03:02 [benadida]
14:03:10 [benadida]
ACTION: Ben write a prototype hGRDDL profile for XHTML 1
14:03:13 [benadida]
14:03:31 [benadida]
Ben: GRDDL WG receptive RDFa
14:04:37 [benadida]
... still working on convincing WG on the specific use case of hGRDDL
14:04:47 [benadida]
ACTION: Mark contact folk about connecting with our work
14:04:50 [benadida]
14:06:45 [benadida]
ACTION: put together Lee and Elias's emails into the issues list
14:06:49 [benadida]
s/put/Ben to put/
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Attendees were Steven, EliasT, benadida, MarkB_
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