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Status of SKOS Requirements

This page lists the URIs of the requirement found on the SKOS Use Cases and Requirements Working Draft

For each requirement, a short status declaration tells whether the requirement has been completely met. This indication can be sometimes nuanced. Not that 'not met' for instance means that the requirement is not met in the current SKOS vocabulary, but we are fully aware of it and eventually point at potential solutions outside of SKOS.

For all of them an explanation is given, most often as a link to one section of a SKOS document (Reference or Primer) that deals with the matter.

Accepted Requirements







met: and there will be an appropriate section in the Primer explaining the different patterns:

Candidate Requirements

met via inclusion of the XL proposal

met: there is no compatibility issue, SKOS refers to DC instead of overlapping with it (e.g. regarding the decision to deprecate skos:subject,

(unclearly) met: we see no incompatibility between SKOS and ISO 11179(editor's note: I find that not very convincing, we've never investigated whether there would be redundancies/potential specialization links between SKOS constructs and ISO11179 model)

met: there is a table to the Primer with correspondences between ISO-2788 and SKOS constructs,

met: we see no imcompatibility between SKOS and ISO5964

partially met ( SKOS is OWL-Full, as mentioned in But there is an informative subset which is OWL-DL: see

not met, both for and

(partially) met, . Part of it is delegated to more general RDF containment mechanism (e.g. at the query level)

unclear: I could not find track of transforming this into an explicit issue. SKOS introduces a number of rules that constrain the content of SKOS concept schemes, but there is no defined process to 'validate' these. Especially as some 'axioms' are not representable in OWL.

met for the grouping vocabulary ( but ISSUE-84 ConstructionOfSystematicDisplaysFromGroupings is still open (there is a proposal from Diego)

met via side effect of SKOS not including any indexing property

not met: SKOS does not include any indexing property, but refers to properties such as dc:subject

(almost) met: SKOS-XL provides a basis for it ( but does not introduce a specific mapping property

not met: Provenance of mappings is not handled by the introduction of specific SKOS vocabulary. In the SKOS reference documents (Reference and maybe Primer), SKOS users are instead pointed at other RDF containment mechanisms (e.g. at the query level)

met: SKOS-XL provides a basis for it