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SKOS ISSUE-xx: "Template" Proposal

This is a proposal for resolution of SKOS ISSUE-xx. See also IssuesProcess.

0. Summary

Give an executive summary of the main points of this proposal.

1. Vocabulary

Give the vocabulary of the proposal, as a list of URIs.

For example:

skos:prefLabel skos:altLabel skos:hiddenLabel

Give also any deprecated vocabulary, as a list of URIs.

2. Axiomatic Triples

Give axiomatic triples using RDF and RDFS vocabularies.

For example:

skos:prefLabel rdfs:range rdfs:Literal.
skos:altLabel rdfs:range rdfs:Literal.
skos:hiddenLabel rdfs:range rdfs:Literal.

3. Semantic Conditions

Give any further semantics conditions on the interpretation of the vocabulary, that cannot be expressed as axiomatic triples. Semantic conditions should reuse the definitions provided in [RDF Semantics].

For example:

For any x, all members of the set { y | <x,y> is in IEXT(I(skos:prefLabel)) and y is a plain literal } have different language tags.

For any x, the sets { y | <x,y> is in IEXT(I(skos:prefLabel)) }, { y | <x,y> is in IEXT(I(skos:altLabel)) } and { y | <x,y> is in IEXT(I(skos:hiddenLabel)) } are pairwise disjoint.

If <x,y> is in IEXT(I(skos:altLabel)) then there exists some z such that <x,z> is in IEXT(I(skos:prefLabel)).

4. Consistent Examples

Give examples of usage of the vocabulary that are consistent.

For example:

<ex:a> skos:prefLabel "animals"@en; skos:altLabel "fauna"@en.
<ex:b> skos:prefLabel "abattoir"@en; skos:hiddenLabel "abbattoir"@en.

5. Inconsistent Examples

If it is possible to make inconsistent statements using the vocabulary, provide examples.

For example:

<ex:a> skos:prefLabel "foo"@en; skos:prefLabel "bar"@en.

<ex:a> skos:prefLabel "foo"@en; skos:altLabel "foo"@en.

6. Entailment Rules

Give any entailment rules that follow from the semantic conditions given in section 3.

For example:

If E contains

then add

uuu skos:altLabel xxx .

uuu skos:prefLabel _:nnn .
where _:nnn identifies a new blank node in the graph.

7. Syntactic Constraints

Use keywords MUST, SHOULD, MAY etc. [RFC 2199] to describe any syntactic constraints for the vocabulary.

For example:

Where the predicate of a triple is either skos:prefLabel, skos:altLabel or skos:hiddenLabel, the object of the triple SHOULD be a plain literal with a language tag.

8. Discussion

Provide any relevant justification for the proposal, possible drawbacks, open questions and unknowns.