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Conceptual Mapping

This page provides some background and discussion relating to the requirement of mapping concepts from different SKOS concept schemes ( This page relates to ISSUE-39: ConceptualMappingLinks.


Conceptual Mapping links

From the description of accepted requirement R-ConceptualMappingLinks and issue-39: ConceptualMappingLinks

In order to build links between concepts coming from different concept schemes, SKOS should provide proper semantic relationships. Possible links, similarly to the ones found existing SKOS and SKOS mapping [SWBP-SKOS-MAPPING] vocabularies, include concept equivalence and specialization/generalization relations.

Is the current vocabulary for mapping between concepts in different concept schemes (previously called "SKOS Mapping") sufficient? Could it be simplified?

Current SKOS Mapping vocabulary

Properties to represent conceptual mapping between SKOS concepts:

Classes to build boolean combinations of SKOS concept to consider in mapping links:

Motivating use cases

From the SKOS Use Cases and Requirements working draft

Other references