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Module: Conceptual Resources

This module defines the formal vocabulary and semantics for the notion of a SKOS Conceptual Resource (hereafter conceptual resource).

The notion of a conceptual resource is defined informally in the SKOS Primer.



Axiomatic Triples

skos:Concept rdf:type owl:Class.

The URI skos:Concept denotes the class of SKOS conceptual resources. Beyond this statement, there are no further semantic conditions on the interpretation of skos:Concept.

This means that, for example, skos:Concept MAY be interpreted as disjoint with owl:Class. Alternatively, skos:Concept MAY be interpreted as a super-class of owl:Class.

The choice to leave the formal interpretation of skos:Concept unconstrained has been made to allow different design patterns to be defined for using SKOS in combination with more formal languages such as OWL. See [@@TODO SKOS+OWL Patterns] for more information on recommended design patterns for working with SKOS and OWL.

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