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Module: Grouping Constructs

This module defines the grouping constructs available in SKOS, also known as "collections".

See also ["SKOS/Primer/Grouping"].


skos:Collection skos:OrderedCollection skos:member skos:memberList

The triples below define semantic conditions on the interpretation of this vocabulary.

Axiomatic Triples

skos:OrderedCollection rdfs:subClassOf skos:Collection.BRskos:member rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty.BRskos:member rdfs:domain skos:Collection.BRskos:memberList rdf:type owl:FunctionalProperty.BRskos:memberList rdfs:domain skos:OrderedCollection.BRskos:memberList rdfs:range rdf:List.BRskos:Collection owl:disjointWith skos:Concept.BRskos:Collection owl:disjointWith skos:ConceptScheme.

There is also a logical relationship between the skos:memberList and skos:member properties, which is stated below (where "sequence" is defined as in section 5 of [OWL Semantics]).

Semantic Conditions

If <x,y> is in EXTI(SI(skos:memberList)) and y is a sequence of y1,...yn then <x,y1>...<x,yn> is in EXTI(SI(skos:member)).

I.e. informally, for ordered collections, every member given by the skos:memberList property can also be given by the skos:member property.

See ["SKOS/Primer/Grouping"] for examples of consistent and inconsistent usage of this vocabulary.

Note in particular that the use of a skos:Collection in either the subject or object position of a triple involving skos:broader, skos:narrower or skos:related as predicate will result in an inconsistency. This is because skos:Collection is disjoint with skos:Concept, and because skos:broader, skos:narrower and skos:related are sub-properties of skos:semanticRelation, which has both domain and range skos:Concept (see also ["SKOS/Semantics/ParadigmaticRelations"]).

See ["SKOS/Primer/Grouping"] for guidance on how to construct a systematic hierarchical display involving grouping constructs.

There are no syntactic conditions on the use of this vocabulary.

The following entailment rules follow from the logical relationship between the skos:memberList and skos:member properties stated above, where u v and x stand for any URI or blank node ID.

Entailment Rules (Informative)

If E contains

then add

u skos:memberList v . BR v rdf:first x .

u skos:member x .

u skos:memberList v1 . BR v1 rdf:rest v2 . ... vi-1 rdf:rest vi .BR vi rdf:first x .

u skos:member x .

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