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Section: Label Relations

This section defines the vocabulary and formal semantics for the SKOS Label Relation features.

SKOS Label Relations are defined informally in the SKOS Primer.


skos:LabelRelation skos:labelRelated skos:seeLabelRelation

Semantic Conditions

skos:LabelRelation has type Class.

skos:labelRelated has type Datatype Property.

skos:seeLabelRelation has type Object Property.

The Domain of skos:labelRelated is skos:LabelRelation.

The Range of skos:labelRelated is the class of RDF Plain Literals.

The Range of skos:seeLabelRelation is skos:LabelRelation.


The graph below is Consistent.

ex:foo skos:seeLabelRelation _:aaa .
_:aaa rdf:type skos:LabelRelation .
_:aaa skos:labelRelated "foo"@en .
_:aaa skos:labelRelated "bar"@en .


Note that the formal semantics of skos:seeLabelRelation are undefined. This means that the graph below is not Inconsistent with the SKOS semantics, even though there is no correspondance between the lexical labels given for ex:foo and the labels involved in the associated label relation; neither does the graph have any formal entailments other than those which follow under RDFS and OWL Full entailment.

ex:foo skos:prefLabel "foo"@en .
ex:foo skos:altLabel "bar"@en .
ex:foo skos:seeLabelRelation _:aaa .
_:aaa rdf:type skos:LabelRelation .
_:aaa skos:labelRelated "baz"@en .
_:aaa skos:labelRelated "qux"@en .

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