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Section: Introduction

@@TODO introduction

How to Read this Document

This document is broken down into sections.

The normative syntax for SKOS is given in section @@TODO-X.

The foundation for the semantics of SKOS is given in section @@TODO-X.

Sections @@TODO-X to @@TODO-Y then define the SKOS language. Each of these sections follows a common structure.

First, some URIs from the SKOS Vocabulary are introduced.

Then, semantic conditions on the interpretation of those URIs are given.

Then, examples of consistent and inconsistent use of those URIs are given.

Then, any entailment rules which follow from the semantic conditions are given.

Finally, any further information is given.

URI Abbrevations

In this document, URIs are given in an abbreviated form. The table below gives the abbreviations used.











For example, skos:prefLabel is an abbreviation of

SKOS Vocabulary

The SKOS Vocabulary is a set of URIs, given in the table below.

skos:Concept skos:ConceptScheme skos:prefLabel skos:altLabel skos:hiddenLabel skos:semanticRelation skos:broader skos:narrower skos:related skos:LabelRelation skos:labelRelated skos:seeLabelRelation skos:Collection skos:OrderedCollection skos:member skos:memberList

SKOS Syntax

The normative abstract syntax for SKOS is the RDF Abstract Syntax [@@TODO REF].

Examples in this document are given using the Turtle Syntax [@@TODO REF].

SKOS Semantics

The basis for the normative semantics of SKOS is the RDF-compatible model-theoretic semantics of OWL Full.

In sections @@TODO-X to @@TODO-Y below, semantic conditions on the interpretation of the SKOS Vocabulary are given in prose.

For the most part, this prose has an obvious mapping to RDF triples involving the RDF, RDFS and OWL vocabularies. For example, the statement that "skos:Concept has type Class" maps to the triple skos:Concept rdf:type owl:Class. The complete set of semantic conditions which can be stated in this way is given as a set of RDF triples in appendix @@TODO.

There are some semantic conditions, however, which cannot be expressed as RDF triples using the RDF, RDFS or OWL vocabularies. In these cases, the prose follows standard mathematical terminology, and the intention should be clear.

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