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Section: Grouping Constructs (Collections)

This section defines the vocabulary and formal semantics for the SKOS Conceptual Grouping features, also known as SKOS Collections.

SKOS Conceptual Grouping is defined informally in the SKOS Primer.


skos:Collection skos:OrderedCollection skos:member skos:memberList

Semantic Conditions

skos:Collection and skos:OrderedCollection have type Class.

skos:OrderedCollection is a Sub-Class of skos:Collection.

skos:member and skos:memberList have type Object Property.

The Domain of skos:member is skos:Collection.

The Domain of skos:memberList is skos:OrderedCollection.

The Range of skos:memberList is rdf:List.

An ordered collection has exactly one value for skos:memberList.

skos:Collection is Disjoint with skos:Concept, and with skos:ConceptScheme.

For ordered collections, every member of the list given as the value of skos:memberList is also a value of skos:member.


The graph below is Consistent.

_:aaa rdf:type skos:Collection .
_:aaa skos:member ex:foo .
_:aaa skos:member ex:bar .
_:aaa skos:member ex:baz .

The graph below is Consistent.

_:bbb rdf:type skos:OrderedCollection .
_:bbb skos:memberList _:nnn .
_:n1 rdf:type rdf:List .
_:n1 rdf:first ex:foo .
_:n1 rdf:rest _:n2 .
_:n2 rdf:first ex:bar .
_:n2 rdf:rest _:n3 .
_:n3 rdf:first ex:baz .
_:n3 rdf:rest rdf:nil .
ex:a ex:foo "bar"@en.

The graph below is Inconsistent, because skos:Concept and skos:Collection are Disjoint Classes, and because skos:narrower is a Sub-Property of skos:semanticRelation, which has Domain and Range skos:Concept.

ex:foo skos:narrower _:aaa .
_:aaa rdf:type skos:Collection .

Entailment Rules

If graph contains

then add

u skos:memberList v . BR v rdf:first x .

u skos:member x .

u skos:memberList v1 . BR v1 rdf:rest v2 . ... vi-1 rdf:rest vi .BR vi rdf:first x .

u skos:member x .



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