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Section 0. Contact and confidentiality

Contact e-mail:

Do you mind your use case being made public on the working group website
and documents?

  No, we don't mind.

Section 1. Application

 1.1. What is the title of the application?

  Hybrid and Network-Assisted Vocabulary Interface (HANAVI)

 1.2. What is the general purpose of the application?
     What services does it provide to the end-user?

  To provide information about multiple vocabularies.  Currently,
  the application provides information about the National Diet
  Library List of Subject Headings (NDLSH) in Japan.
  Accessible online at

  [N.B.: the project is not an official plan or project of the National
  Diet Library in Japan.]

*1.3. Provide some examples of the functionality of the application. Try
to illustrate all of the functionalities in which the vocabulary(ies)
and/or vocabulary mappings are involved.

  - searching voacbularies based on textual 
  - textually displaying detailed information of a subject heading
  o graphically displaying relationships among subject headings
  o providing definitions of each subject heading written in SKOS

 1.7. Any additional information, references and/or hyperlinks.

Section 2. Vocabulary(ies)

In this section we ask you to provide some information about the
vocabulary or vocabularies you would like to be able to represent using

Please note:
-- If you have multiple vocabularies to describe, you may repeat this
section for each one individually or you may provide a single
description that encompasses all of your vocabularies.
-- If your use case describes a generic application of one or more
vocabularies and/or vocabulary mappings, you may skip this section.
-- If your vocabulary case contains cross-vocabulary links (between the
vocabularies you presented or to external vocabularies), please fill in
section 3!

 2.1. What is the title of the vocabulary? If you're describing multiple
vocabularies, please provide as many titles as you can.

  The National Diet Library List of Subject Headings (NDLSH)

 2.2. Briefly describe the general characteristics of the vocabulary,
e.g. scope, size...

  The National Diet Library List of Subject Headings (NDLSH) is a list of
  subject headings applied to the catalog of the NDL in Japan.
  All topical headings and some proper name headings are included.
  NDLSH consists of 16879 subject headings as of March 2006.

 2.3. In which language(s) is the vocabulary provided?
     In the case of partial translations, how complete are these?


*2.4. Please provide below some extracts from the vocabulary. Use the
layout or presentation format that you would normally provide for the
users of the vocabulary. Please ensure that the extracts you provide
illustrate all of the features of the vocabulary.

  see attached documents.

 2.5. Describe the structure of the vocabulary.
     What are the main building blocks?
     What types of relationship are used? If you can, provide examples
by referring to the extracts given in paragraph 2.4.

 2.6. Is a machine-readable representation of the vocabulary already
available (e.g. as an XML document)? If so, we would be grateful if you
could provide some example data or point us to a hyperlink.