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Hybrid and Network-Assisted Vocabulary Interface (HANAVI)

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General purpose and services to the end user

The application shall provide information about multiple vocabularies. Currently, it provides information about the National Diet Library List of Subject Headings (NDLSH) in Japan.

[N.B.: the project is not an official plan or project of the National Diet Library in Japan.]

Functionality examples

Additional references

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The National Diet Library List of Subject Headings (NDLSH)

General characteristics (size, coverage) of the vocabulary

The National Diet Library List of Subject Headings (NDLSH) is a list of subject headings applied to the catalog of the NDL in Japan. All topical headings and some proper name headings are included. NDLSH consists of 16879 subject headings as of March 2006.

Language(s) in which the vocabulary is provided


Vocabulary extract

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Structure explanation

Features of the NDLSH vocabulary:

The vocabulary also encode some pronunciation-related information. A single Kanji character has several pronunciations in Japanese. Yomi indicates pronunciation information expressed in syllabic / phonetic characters (Hiragana, Katakana or Roman Alphabet). In the case of NDLSH, pronunciation information is expressed in Katakana. E.g. Kanji character “東” (means east) has two pronunciations “higashi”and “azuma”. Each of the pronunciations is expressed in three types of syllabic characters:

The indexing and sorting of headings and references are determined by the order of these yomi. For this reason, headings, see references and BT/NT/RT references always appear with their yomi.

Machine-readable representation of the vocabulary

An example concept can be accessed at