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This page is a brief discussion of a potential solution to one of the Best Practice Recipe Issues: Serving the latest of multiple snapshots of a vocabulary.

Currently the Recipes discuss a possible naming convention for multiple snapshots of a vocabulary:

I'd like to propose that we endorse a naming convention, perhaps for slash namespaces only, that appends a timestamp string of any type indicating the date-time of the snapshot to the uri, e.g.:

Different vocabulary snapshots might be named "2006-10-31.rdf", "2006-04-25.rdf", "2005-10-31.rdf" and be served from the "content" directory.
would both be redirected to
would be redirected to or

...and so on.

This could be adapted to hash namespaces as follows:
would be redirected to

The most recent snapshot could be hard-coded into .htaccess as it is now, or negotiated by a script. An simple example script in PHP and Perl could be provided for this purpose.

The requester would always by default retrieve the latest snapshot, but previous snapshots would remain available making it possible for multiple versions of a vocabulary to be served over time. Named versions -- "../example3.1/" -- could be supported by redirecting to a dated snapshot associated with that version name or number.