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EOWG 7 July 2006



Doyle_Saylor, Alan, Bingham, Judy, Wayne, Loughborough, Shawn, Liam_McGee, Helle_Bjarno, Justin_Thorp, Andrew, Henny, Sylvie
Roberto, Pasquale, George




<shawn> Shawn welcomes Henny to the scribe list!

<Zakim> LiamMcGee, you wanted to AOB ask about involvement with Web Standards Project Accessibility Taskforce

<shawn> shawn: have had some informal communication. was good. haven't kept up. would be nice to coordinate; however, that takes time. re-establish informal connections.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to ask about swapping agenda items?

<LiamMcGee> Link to WaSP ATF: http://www.webstandards.org/2006/03/13/first-atf-f2f-meeting/

Additions of Materials Task Force Work Statement

Shawn - should I re-enter topic 1?

Additional to Materials Task Force Work Statement

Judy: Look first at the topic list In the document:

William: There needs to be a connection to mainstream disability advocacy groups.
... Build it into topic 8.

Harvey: Agrees.

Andrew: Topics 5 and 2 seem to be closely related. (2 discusses general expectations for accessibility, 5 discusses logo expectations)

Judy: There is a difference between what accessibility means and what a logo means.

Helle: We need to add more to clarify the meaning of logos.

Scribe's Summary: There was some issue taken with combining Topic 2 and 3 in one deliverable. This list may be too long for the group.

Alan: There is a difference between user and developer / policy maker roles. The focus is not clear.
... Sample letters probably need to be localized.

Helle: Agrees

Authoring Tools Messaging

<shawn> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-eo/2006JulSep/0003.html

Shawn: Role of Authoring Tools -- in the IRC. [Authoring tools can make a difference in how accessible the web is.]
... Some brainstorming of how to message the importance of accessible authoring tools.

William: We must communicate what authoring tools are.

<shawn> wayne: need to prioritize

<shawn> ... set of authoring tools

william: There is a fine distinction between different kinds of authoring tools.

Shawn: What do authoring tools do now to promote accessibility.

Henny: Some ask for a page title.

Doyle: Some authoring tools help you color.

Justin: Some accessible template selections.

Liam: Many widgets in [tool] are inaccessible.

William: They write HTML without being able to edit it.

Andrew: Content management systems have produce generic code that is not available to the author.
... Blogging software often produces bad markup.

<LiamMcGee> Youtube

Doyle: Movie authoring tools - YouTube. Little effort to . Make it difficult to create accessible sites.

<LiamMcGee> force use of headings

<LiamMcGee> prevent skipping of headings

<LiamMcGee> prevent re-use of link text

<LiamMcGee> require title

<LiamMcGee> require alt text

<LiamMcGee> require longdesc for any <object>s

<Andrew> require labels for all form elements

William: make a style sheet part of what you do.

<LiamMcGee> prevent use of deprecated elements

Shawn: assertively block use of things like font tags.

<LiamMcGee> automatic mark-up of acronyms

Wayne: Compile to a standard always.

<Andrew> requiring name and title for any frames (if even frames allowed) + <noframes>

Doyle: Allow public input in modifying authoring tools... like open source.

<Andrew> requiring a warning if links have a target different from the current window

Andrew: If they do these tasks for authors they don't have to go back and insert accessibility features.

Liam: Cross-Browser fully accessible widgets.
... Titling of acronym; automatically marks up.

<Harvey> Acronym vs Abbrev distinction: hard to differentiate.

Shawn: Metaphors for the power of authoring tools

<Harvey> Meta-meta-for-for-for!

Judy: Has tried to communicate this many time and need some ideas.

<judy> liam: if you want to collapse the entire tower of beans, take out the bottom can (or something like that)

<judy> liam: this is the standard one-to-many. look at cicero, etc

<judy> doyle: authoring tools that don't support accessibility need to be corrected

<judy> henny: big things come out of small packages

<LiamMcGee> teach a man to fish and you feed him for a day.

<LiamMcGee> Force him to comply with a fish production protocol and you feed him for life.

<judy> wayne: one bad purchasing mistake can cost a you a thousand lawsuits

<judy> william: you may have to walk in these authoring tools...

<Harvey> There are many significant quotations on my webside: Precepts on Aging and Growing Old Gracefully

<Harvey> http://www.hbingham.com/onaging.htm

with learning management systems and word processors, my university system has 30,000 web site developers


<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/highlights/planning

Shawn: Standards Harmonization.. comments

<shawn> LiamMcGee singing from the same song sheet?

<shawn> liam: together we are strong

<shawn> harvey: marching together

<Harvey> Standards Harmonization: Aligning with other work

Judy: We did not get to looking for where we do outreach from staff. Looking for staff priorities on outreach... with respect to WCAG and ATAC specifically.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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