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This page has information about a round of publication of working group documents.

General Information

Target Date 2008-12-18
This Round Round 7
Issuing Group RIF
  1. #UCR
  2. #Core
  3. #DTB
  4. #PRD
  5. #Test
Overall Status

Document Details

Document Core
Link to this table #Core
Decision to Publish 2008-12-09
Recommendation Track
MaturityOrdinary Working Draft
Summary of ChangesThe concept of RIF Core has changed considerably since the 30 March 2007 draft which first offered a possible common-subset dialect. As stated in the 30 October 2007 placeholder, that first dialect was renamed "Basic Logic Dialect" and has since matured (see the 30 July 2008 Last Call Working Draft). Meanwhile, the "Production Rule Dialect" (see today's PRD draft) has been developed, allowing the Working Group to design this new Core language as a subset of the intersection of BLD and PRD.

Document DTB
Link to this table #DTB
Decision to Publish 2008-12-09
Recommendation Track
MaturityOrdinary Working Draft
Summary of ChangesIn addition to various editorial improvements, the comparison predicates have been unified, and the "rif:text" datatype has been aligned with OWL 2 as rdf:text

Document PRD
Link to this table #PRD
Decision to Publish 2008-12-09
Recommendation Track
Summary of ChangesThe document has been reorganized to expose the abstract syntax, which is intended to support features that are shared with many concrete production rule languages. Each abstract construct is associated with normative semantics and a normative XML concrete syntax. Also, the definition of the operational semantics of rules and rulesets has been completed by adding a specification of a conflict resolution strategy. This strategy is proposed to be the default for rulesets interchanged using RIF-PRD. The WG is particularly interested in feedback regarding the operational semantics of rules and rulesets.

Document Test
Link to this table #Test
Decision to Publish 2 Dec 2008
Recommendation Track Yes
Shortname rif-test
MaturityFirst Public Working Draft
FPWD CommentThis First Public Working Draft conveys the current state of the Working Group's evolving approach to developing test cases for RIF dialects and testing procedures which can be used by RIF system implementors. The actual tests are not part of this document but are maintained on a Wiki and then can be exported to other (still-evolving) formats for download or over-the-Web use. The group expects to publish relatively stable, approved test suites for its dialects when issuing its Call for Implementations in the coming months.


Forum Coordinator Posting (full text or link)
W3C News Sandro

Five Publications from RIF-WG

The Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group has published five new Working Drafts. Since the Last Call Working Draft of RIF Basic Logic Dialect (BLD), the group has been developing other key dialects, components, and test cases. The new publications are:

  1. RIF Use Cases and Requirements: minor changes
  2. RIF Core: new design to support both BLD and PRD
  3. RIF Datatypes and Built-Ins 1.0: various improvements
  4. RIF Production Rule Dialect (PRD): operational semantics are complete
  5. RIF Test Cases: early stages of test suite

The Working Group is nearing Last Call on these remaining elements of RIF, and welcomes feedback from rulesystem users and designers. Please send comments by 23 January. Learn more about the Semantic Web Activity.

Sandro New RIF Drafts