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This page has information about a round of publication of working group documents.

General Information

Target Date 2010-06-22
This Round Round 12
Previous Round Round 11


Included in All Documents

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Per-Document "Summary of Changes"

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The semantics were completely reworked.




During the development of the RIF XML syntax, there was an awareness of the need for an RDF encoding. There was even a proposal for using a constrained (schema-checkable) RDF/XML serialization as the primary syntax for RIF. The final syntax turned out to be very similar to RDF/XML, making this mapping fairly simple.

Looking forward, with the publication (at the same time as this document) of the main RIF deliverables as Recommendations, and the RIF Working Group charter expiring soon, this specification is unlikely to become a full W3C Recommendation during the lifetime of the current Working Group. We expect, instead, that it will be left as a Working Group Note, suitable for use by implementors but without the thorough review it may eventually require if it becomes a focus of significant RIF adoption.

Announcements of the Round

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For W3C News


RIF Supports Data Integration, Enterprise Agility

W3C is pleased to publish the Rule Interchange Format (RIF), an extensible interlingua for rule systems, as a W3C Recommendation. RIF was developed with participation from the Business Rules, Logic Programming, and Semantic Web communities to provide interoperability and portability between many different systems using declarative technologies. Today's publication is the largest milestone since the W3C Workshop on Rule Languages for Interoperability initially surveyed the field, five years ago.

The specification consists of six Recommendations: RIF Core Dialect provides a standard, base level of functionality for interchange; RIF Basic Logic Dialect and RIF Production Rule Dialect provided extended functionality matching two common classes of rule engines; RIF Framework for Logic Dialects describes how to extend RIF for use with a large class of systems; RIF Datatypes and Built-Ins 1.0 borrows heavily from XQuery and XPath for a set of basic operations; and RIF RDF and OWL Compatibility specifies how RIF works with RDF data and OWL ontologies.

Along with these documents, the RIF Working Group is today publishing five other documents: RIF Overview, RIF Test Cases, OWL 2 RL in RIF, RIF Combination with XML data, and RIF In RDF. The group is also preparing a primer and a revision of its outdated Use Cases and Requirements. For more information see the RIF FAQ and the Semantic Web Activity.

Publicity Tracking

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