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Rolf Gruetter wrote:
> RIF-BLD is a well-defined and technically mature specification. I particularly 
> like the definition of RIF-BLD as a specialization of RIF-FLD which accounts 
> for extensibility and might encourage further dialects (hopefully also in 
> support of rules for spatial reasoning). It will be interesting to demonstrate 
> the potential of RIF-BLD on the example of SWRL rules. Since RIF-BLD is more 
> expressive (support of functions), it should be possible to express (and 
> exchange) SWRL rules in RIF-BLD.
> Rolf Grütter, DVM, MBA
> Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
> An Institute of the ETH Board
> Birmensdorf, Switzerland


Thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated. If you have plans to translate SWRL rules to BLD and back, Mike Dean of BBN (mdean AT may be able to help, as he has looked at this and possibly already implemented such a translation (