RDF Combination frame-triple correspondence

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{ImportPositiveEntailmentTest |title= |author=Stella Mitchell |status=Proposed |dialect=BLD |importProfile=RDF |purpose=test correspondence between RDF triples and RIF frame formulas |desc=Given two RDF triples that say john is a brother of jack, and jack is a parent of mary, and a RIF rule that says 'whenever some x is a brother of some y and y is a parent of some z, then x is an uncle of z,' it can be derived that john is an uncle of mary. |specRef=http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wiki/SWC#RDF_Compatibility |iformat=NTriples |iloc=mygraph |itext= <http://example.org/example#john> <http://example.org/example#brotherOf> <http://example.org/example#jack> . <http://example.org/example#jack> <http://example.org/example#parentOf> <http://example.org/example#mary> . |pformat=Presentation Syntax |premise=

    Prefix(ex  http://example.com/example#)
    Import(mygraph http://www.w3.org/2007/rif-import-profile#Simple)
       Forall ?x ?y ?z (
          ?x[ex:uncleOf -> ?z] :- And(?x[ex:brotherOf -> ?y] ?y[ex:parentOf -> ?z])

|cformat=Presentation Syntax |conc= "http://example.com/example#john"^^rif:iri["http://example.com/example#uncleOf"^^rif:iri -> "http://example.com/example#mary"^^rif:iri]