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IBM has started a RIF-PRD implementation using WebSphere ILOG JRules. This implementation is just a POC. This page is intended to provide the test cases, which are complete examples, used to test the RIF translator.

Those tests could be added to the RIF-PRD test cases base by RIF working group.

1. The translator operates from RIF-XML to WebSphere ILOG source, and vice versa.
2. The generated WebSphere ILOG rules are not well indented yet.

Source in RIF Target IRL Comment
Chicken.xml Chicken.ilr The chicken rule example in RIF
Fib.xml Fib.ilr Computation of the Fibonacci numbers
Parents.xml Parents.ilr Inference rules on family relationships
Purchase.xml Purchase.ilr The purchasing rules
Sort.xml Sort.ilr Sorting algorithm implemented as rules