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OWL 2 OC (Second Edition)
Chris Welty, IBM Research
The OWL 2 OC profile is designed to support the use of the OntoClean Methodology on OWL 2 ontologies. OWL 2 OC (OWL-OC) adds a few types of classes to OWL-2 with some simple restrictions on the subclass relation between them. The semantics of OntoClean cannot be expressed in OWL, neither can the rather simple restrictions it imposes on the structure of an ontology. In this document the restrictions are imposed as part of the semantics by extending the OWL-2 model theory.
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1 Overview of OntoClean

2 Syntactic Extensions to OWL-2

3 Semantic Extensions to OWL-2

4 Examples

5 Acknowledgements

6 References

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== Appendix: Embeddings (Informative) ==