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General Requirements

Clear and precise semantics ==> Semantic Precision

The RIF should have a clear and precise (unambiguous) semantics to reduce the potential for error in the exchange of rules.

Question: does this mean: be able to implement without funny questions about entailment?

Does this apply to every extension as much as the core?

Conformance model ==> Graceful Degradation

RIF must specify at the appropriate level of detail the default behaviour that is expected from a RIF compliant application that does not have the capability to process all or part of the rules described in a RIF document, or it must provide a way to specify such default behaviour.

Identify required/optional features ==> Conformance Model (Merge with Above?)

RIF should define a compliance model that will identify required/optional features.

Support OWL ==> Use With OWL

RIF should cover OWL KBs as data where compatible with Phase 1 semantics


Different intended semantics ==> Multiple Semantics

RIF should cover rule languages having different intended semantics.

Means to specify semantics ==> Identified Semantics

RIF should have a standard way to specify the intended semantics (or semantics style) of the interchanged rule set in a RIF document.

Coverage ==> General Coverage

RIF will cover the set of languages identified in RIFRAF.

Comments ==> Embedded Comments

RIF should be able to pass comments.

Meta data ==> Embedded Metadata

RIF should support meta data such as author and rule name.

Support RDF ==> Covering RDF

RIF should cover RDF triples as data where compatible with Phase 1 semantics

Limited number of dialects ==> Minimize Dialects

RIF will have a limited number of standard dialects and/or a common core.


Typed Data


Using well understood techniques ==> Implementability

RIF should be implementable using well understood techniques.

Using standard support technologies ==> Standard Components

RIF implementations should use standard support technologies such as XML parsers and other parser generators.

No changes to rule systems ==> Translators

RIF should not require rule systems to be changed; it must be implementable via translators.