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XChange is a language of Event-Condition-Action (ECA) rules for exchanging update requests and other reactive specifications between Web sites. XChange builds upon and extends Xcerpt.


XChange is a Web language that combines (re)active rules, for realizing distributed, reactive behavior, and deductive rules, for reasoning with semistructured data.

Impact on Design

XChange has a logic-based language of complex, time-dependant events; its constructs could offer a starting point for the RIF work on supporting (complex) event processing.

For More Information

See XChange Project, where information on the research project including the proof-of-concept prototype implementation of XChange can be found, and/or a couple of research articles on XChange:

Flavours of XChange, a Rule-Based Reactive Language for the (Semantic) Web

Reactivity on the web: paradigms and applications of the language XChange

Xcerpt and XChange - Logic Programming Languages for Querying and Evolution on the Web


RIF participants involved in the XChange project: Fran├žoisBry, PaulaLaviniaPatranjan