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Tagging intended semantics

Full Statement

Syntactic tagging should be allowed to specify the intended semantics of constructs. For example, a 'semantic attribute' on a rulebase can use two values to distinguish its FOL vs. LP/well-founded semantics. Tagging also supports rulebase interoperation and interchange, e.g. by allowing the annotation of incomplete target constructs of transformations.

To enable such tagging, there is a need for a taxonomy of different semantic and syntactic features. An attempt to define such a taxonomy is made in the following diagram.

Position in the DC structure


list (by names) other DCs that depend on that one or on which it depends


This design constraint comes from the metadata (annotations) of the charter One or more of the already published UC, one or more of the rule systems listed in RIFRAF, an UC not covered in the current version of UCR


RIF without that is useless for me / RIF without that is of limited use for me.


HaroldBoley, MichaelKifer