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Standard RIF must support reactive rules

Full Statement

Standard RIF must be able to support reactive rules, i.e. rules of the form ON Event IF Condition DO Action specifying to automatically execute the Action if Event occurs, provided that Condition holds. Reactive rules are also called Event-Condition-Action rules (or shortly ECA-rules), active rules and dynamic rules.

Position in the DC structure


Reactive rules can be considered as being more general than production rules. Thus, this requirement subsumes in a sense Extended RIF must support production rules. The explicit Event part in reactive rules is needed on the Web (for more on the need of reactive rules for Web-based applications see Twelve Theses on Reactive Rules for the Web).


A considerable number of use cases pose this requirement on RIF; examples of such use cases are Rule-Based Email Manipulation, Rule-Based Reactive Organizer, Rule-Based Intelligent Guiding, Organizing a Vacation with Friends.

Also, this requirement is found in the section on different types of rules of RIFUCR - List of Classified Requirements (with Duplicate Elimination) and in The requirements listed during the brain storming sessions at F2F2.


RIF without that is of limited use for me


PaulaLaviniaPatranjan, Fran├žoisBry

GaryHallmark (I'm ok with this in Standard or Extended RIF)

AlexKozlenkov (I support strongly RR as a requirement, RR apply logic to dynamic environments)