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RuleML is a modular, webized Rule Markup & Modeling Language based on XML and RDF, developed by the Rule Markup Initiative.


Part of the modular family of RuleML sublanguages has been used in the Rulesystem Arrangement Framework section on "Phase 1 Expressive Discriminators".

Versions of the RuleML XML serialization have been used in all the rule submissions:

The Horn logic sublanguage of RuleML has been realized with rule engines such as the reference implementation OO jDREW, which can be developed into a RIF RuleML engine.

Translators (in XSLT and Java) between RuleML and other languages such as Prolog and Jess have been developed to support rule-system interoperation

Numerous RuleML use cases have been developed, some of which being described in the collection of RIF Use Cases:

Impact on Design

For Phase 1, the modular RuleML design and its XSDs can be adapted and further developed, mainly and nearby sublanguage modules.

For Phase 2, classical Negation and Negation-As-Failure can be made available in separate sublanguages and in a combined one, as exemplified inside the Negation Datalog module Various fragments of OWL can be -- homogeneous approach -- in subsets of SWRL or become -- heterogeneous approach -- DL queries in hybrid rules

For More Information

The RuleML Initiative and Conferences (, have provided continuing expertise and exchange in the area of web rules. Also see the Charter entry