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RIF scope - exchange of RDFS/OWL fact models

To what extent will RIF address exchange of fact models in RDFS and OWL

Full Statement describes best practices for publishing an RDFS or OWL vocabulary or ontology on the Web.

Does this address all that the RIF needs for exchanging fact models (fact types and instances)?

If not, what else is needed, and:

Position in the DC structure

1.3. Consistency with W3C specifications

  1. Alignment with Semantic Web
    1. Support RDF
      1. RIF should accept RDF triples as data. See The RIF Core must be able to accept RDF triples as data
      b. Support OWL
      1. RIF should accept OWL knowledgebases as data. The RIF Core must be able to accept OWL KBs as data


Critical success factor supporting Consistency with W3C specifications


We don’t want to include within RIF something that is well-addressed elsewhere

We don’t want to create dependencies on RIF of things that require only a standard for interchange of fact or knowledge bases


This has to be scoped correctly before we start detailed work.


OMG (Donald Chapin, John Hall); NIST (Ed Barkmeyer)